Is your EGO too big to accept that you’re not all that?

Is your EGO too big to accept that you’re not all that?

24 August 2023

You can’t take a day off can you?

The business will FALL APART!!!!

Nonsense is my response to that.

I have had covid for the past week and have been literally floored with it, struggling to get out of bed let alone to my laptop in my office and decided a few hours into day 1 that I was taking the week off – cancel all 1-1 appointments and thankfully the 12 week group call was the night before so that was already completed.

My Daughter asked me on day 2 this question…

“Dad if all you do is talk to people on a laptop why can’t you do that even if you are unwell’

Now bless Darcy, I think she was referring to if i am working on a laptop on zoom my clients can’t catch covid from me!

And it got me thinking why I cancelled my clients because clearly I could make my way to the laptop and could still talk and so on…..

But Business coaching for me anyway is much much more than that! Yes I could have went live with my clients and probably soldered through but ask any of my clients and they will tell you the same thing

I am fully invested in each and every one of my clients. There success is vital to me too and the energy and enthusiasm I give to my clients businesses and also to their problems or their losses (and of course there wins) cannot be misunderstood – my clients perhaps don’t even realise it (they may now if they read this) but by me pushing them on, encouraging them, challenging them and setting targets, goals and dreams with them is a vital part of any business coaching relationship. I’ve had an action coach business coach before whom perhaps wasn’t as enthusiastic as me and I found it all very generic and very template driven which in my opinion doesn’t work in business coaching and this is why I have a limit on the amount of clients I coach each month – I cannot do any of the above when I am feeling sh**

Is your ego fooling you around? 

Last week got me thinking about the early days of my business….

When I was under the weather, hungover, tired or simply not feeling it I went to work.

Sports days, parents evenings and other family events i went to work

WTF was i thinking!!!

Did my ego really think that I and only I could run my business and the answer to that is a resounding YES!

Rather than take the day off to recuperate and come back stronger I would fight on and took great pride in telling my wife that it would fall apart if I wasn’t there…..

Working class hero right!!

F*** OFF Daren!!

Seriously what an idiot and what a naive businessman I was back in 2014/15/16…..

When i discovered that I work better when rested and recuperated, and when I discovered that my business ‘could’ run without me I started to explore that more and more and more………………and things changed!

August Challenge!

I challenge YOU to pick a day next week – any day you please and take the day off!

Very simply explain to your team that you are off on Wednesday for example and explain what needs to happen, on Tuesday go over everything that you expect to be done in your absence and essentially appeal to their better nature and sincerely ask them to do their best to make that happen – Get their acceptance and commitment on what’s to be done!

Will your business fall apart? – don’t be silly!

Enjoy your day off 😉

PS – I would LOVE you to email me on what you got up to on your day off, imagine the pleasure I’ll get knowing a good person has invested in his own wellbeing or that of his family based on a random email I had sent…..These types of emails are why i do what I do


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