Why Business Coaching & Mentoring

My journey into business coaching began long before I officially started. Unbeknownst to me, I had been coaching businesses for years. This realisation struck during a business mentoring retreat in Italy, where the I had been invited. As I attended, I found myself inadvertently coaching fellow attendees. Encouraged by group members, I was convinced to make business coaching my full-time career.
Though I had been informally coaching for 4-5 years prior, without any formal structure, this marked the start of a more systematic approach, with one-on-one discussions with business owners who had observed my work over the years and spoken with my clients.

A Defining Moment

Please don't confuse me as/or anything special, I am not, I'm just like you, I left school with nothing and started my first business with a bunch off leaflets and a finger to ring doorbells, everything from this point on I had to learn and THIS is what I teach my clients.
On the first day of work, my new head fitter, a seasoned industry expert with over 30 years of experience in landscaping, told me, "You'll never be a millionaire in this industry; it's a tough world." I vividly recall the street, Peter Miller's appearance, and the sun breaking through the clouds that day, it was a defining moment.

Instead of being discouraged, I held deep respect for Peter. While he and other team members contributed to my business's growth, his scepticism couldn't deter my determination. Coming from a fairly poor upbringing in Edinburgh's Muirhouse, The area in which the movie "Trainspotting," was filmed where challenges like drugs and violence were prevalent, I had a resilient plan to become a millionaire by 40. Despite the uncertainties, Peter's words wouldn't quell my aspirations. The Muirhouse connection isn't a tale of sorrow; it underscores my journey's resilience and ambition to shape my destiny. I set out to do just that with a clear plan of action and one I encourage all my clients to adhere to - it's imperative in business to know where you're going.

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Navigating Ventures

Over the years, I embarked on various business ventures, some with friends, but none proved successful or aligned. Recognising their interests stemmed from my other successful business, I left those partnerships swiftly. Prior to Tradecoach, my primary venture was The Edinburgh Driveway Company Ltd.

Building from Scratch

I founded TEDco with minimal landscaping experience, having briefly assisted my friend's father after school. In 2013, I spotted an opportunity in the landscaping industry. I named it The Edinburgh Driveway Company Ltd. With £57, I printed 1000 leaflets and canvassed Edinburgh, swiftly landing my inaugural deal. Realising the need for skilled labour, I enlisted help, rapidly propelling the business to a turnover exceeding £1 million with 35%+ nett profits thus marking my millionaire milestone. it really wasn't as difficult as I thought to reach the £1m mark in assets however when I think back to buying them £57 leaflets it seemed a world away but with a discipline to pay myself first, generate assets and residual income it came much easier than I could ever have imagined. Through shrewd property investments, savings and a goal (£1m) I knew where I was heading and got there in December 2020 - And felt nothing!

It turned out it wasn't becoming a millionaire that I longed for all along - it was Freedom!

Creating Efficiency

I meticulously streamlined every facet of the company, enabling it to operate autonomously and profitably. I was prepared to sell if the opportunity arose.

A New Chapter

Within just seven years, I was presented with an offer from a major investment group—90% acquisition with my 10% retention. Seizing the chance, my wife Claire and I, contemplating our life in Spain, decided it was the right time for a new chapter.

Unanticipated Success

Post-exit, I collaborated with numerous businesses, primarily small enterprises. I provided consultancy and training for larger operations, the remarkable success of which pleasantly surprised me. While achieving success wasn't unexpected, the profound joy from witnessing clients' victories evoked the same exuberance as scoring for my beloved Hearts FC at Tynecastle Stadium.

Diversified Endeavours

In addition to coaching, property investments emerged as a significant focus. Notably, many clients, now at higher echelons, are exploring property development, enriching our conversations and relationships.

Passion & Laughter

My commitment to coaching extends beyond monetary gains. The genuine pleasure and laughter derived from interactions with clients, who are not just clients but friends, underscore the heart of my coaching ethos.

A Simple Mission

My mission is straightforward: empower clients to earn more while working less, thereby crafting their dream lives. This pursuit aligns with my own journey, where I aim to be the foremost business coach for trades, perpetuating my passion for helping others while fulfilling my dream life.

In Conclusion

That's a glimpse of who I am and what I do. As a business coach for trades, I thrive on sharing this journey. Thanks for joining me on this venture.


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