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A selection of free helpful business coaching for trades guide videos to help grow your business and give you an idea of how working with a trades business coach could help to grow your business.

Stop wearing every hat in your business

Are you juggling every hat in your business and feeling the burnout? It's time to trade in the stress for success by mastering the art of delegation! In this eye-opening video, we'll explore the crucial importance of letting go of tasks you don't want to do and empowering a team to take your business to new heights.

🤯 Wearing every hat in your business may seem like a badge of honour, but it could be holding you back from true growth and efficiency. Join us as we unravel the benefits of delegation, from reclaiming your time to focusing on what you do best. Discover the game-changing impact it can have on your bottom line and overall business satisfaction.

🚀 We'll share practical tips and real-life examples to inspire you to build a team that complements your skills, allowing you to soar to new heights. It's time to stop being a one-person show and start conducting the symphony of success with a skilled and motivated team by your side.

Stop playing at business!
You want off the tools…..Watch

99% of the clients who reach out to me want off the tools. They normally choose something like this when prompted to tell me what they want to achieve….

1. 2-3 Team
2. Off the tools
3. Me in Project Manager Role
4. Start another venture (property mainly)

100% of my clients are already there……🤷🏽‍♂️

Finding the direction you’re heading in your business

In this video, we delve into the crucial topic of steering your business in the right direction. Discover the significance of strategic planning and how it empowers trades professionals to navigate challenges and achieve sustainable success. Join us for valuable insights and practical tips on business coaching uniquely crafted for the UK's construction sector. Elevate your trade with Tradecoach – your compass for business excellence. Subscribe now for expert guidance on mastering your business direction.

Sales Training - How to Asking for the sale!

Asking for the sale is vital in your trade business, After a seamless presentation of your product and services you must simply ask the client for the sale!

How to delegate and recruit in trade business.

Business Coaching for Tradesmen & Women to teach how to systemise, automate and monetise your business and get off the tools for good!

Own a business NOT a job!

How to make money in trade businesses

Breaking a job down into segments for your team will greatly enhance productivity and profit in your trade business.

Staff Problems

You have a bad apple amongst your ranks, growing a trades business is hard enough without having troublesome staff. These staff members can cause all sorts of internal and external politics and cause havoc amongst your team not to mention your family. Don't allow this to happen. With trade business coaching I will teach you how to hire the right people and how to retain them. #grow my trades business

What is the grand plan

Do you have a plan in place. Do you know where you're gonna be in 5 years because if you do not then I do....Exactly where you are right now!

How to grow my business

Selling is a vital part to any organisation, The 'assumption' that people merely buy on price is ludicrous and here at trade coach as part of your business coaching programme we show you numerous ways to increase your prices and sell at a higher level.

Get out your comfort zone

Do you own a business or a job? what are your plans to grow your business, do you even have one? there's owning a job (normally a poorly paid job working for an idiot - you or owning a business that works without you. My job is to take you to business owner or to help you further grow and systemise the business.

Work on your business not in your business

So many of us are stuck in the day to day running of the business we simply don't have time to work on systems and procedures and growth. Trade Business Coaching will help you grow the business to whatever size you wish it to be. Get business help for trades with tradecoach.

Use down days to get sh** done, business help for trades

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