12 weeks to OFF THE TOOLS went live and here’s how it went..

12 weeks to OFF THE TOOLS went live and here’s how it went..

1 August 2023

We went live with our most recent 12 week business coaching programme last night and the feedback was fantastic.

Sitting on a zoom for over 2 hours on a Monday night after a hard days graft isn’t an easy tasks so kudos to the guys on the live and apologies for taking up so much of your time (The first one is always the longest)

However hats off to these guys because without taking action, finding the time to join the calls and more importantly finding the discipline to put in the work in the next 7 days until the next live is what separates the good from the great – there is absolutely no question of that.

During our first call we discussed 1 main topic. it’s an unsexy topic of ‘basics of business’

Getting the basics right in your business is relevant and absolutely required and it’s important to ensure you have them done. if the building blocks of your business were not done correctly at the beginning your fighting a losing battle in your business.

– Is your business set up correctly?

– Is your website set up properly

– Is your website optimised?

– Is your ads optimised for success

– Is your brand on point and consistent

– Are you professional?

As I said this is a pretty unsexy part of business but it was required to ensure the guys had set up properly – it turned out none of the guys on the call had set up properly and this is exactly the point.

They will be within the next 7 days and we move on to week 2 next monday which is discussing the various routes to market available to all trade business and lead generation. By the end of next week the group will know various options available to them to maximise leads into their business.

We completed the call by introducing the guys to our 10 – Nil Sales strategy. This is a very important part of the programme so a quick introduction to this was important and we will revert back to this document almost every week over the next 12.

The 10-NIL Document is essentially a document that helps our guys add value to their business and has them 10-nil UP on thier competition before they even send the quote.

unsurprisingly I pitched my own business up against one of the poor guys on the course and the score finished….

Daren 16 – Tradesman 0

16-NIL I won pitching my business against his and seriously opened his and the others on the call eyes up on the ‘little things’ they could be adding to their business to outstrip any competition.

Imagine being 16 X better than your competition just by adding a few little and inexpensive offerings to your client – Would your client pay more for that?

I can assure you the answer is a resounding YES!

Everyone on the call agreed that they could add 5-10 of these little nuggests into their business OVERNIGHT and THAT coupled with some basic work on website, optimisation, positioning and so on was Week 1 complete and the guys disappear for a week until next monday where we look at LEAD GENERATION.

On completion of the call I sent a text out to the team asking for their feedback which I often do – Here was the responses….

– Daren that was EPIC, I am getting to work on this immediately!

– Loved it, thank you so much, I’ve already made contact with my web guy and will be calling him tomorrow to make sure he understands. I will work through the rest of it throughout the week

– The call was really good, some very useful stuff, annoying I kept losing signal but some of this stuff I can literally put into my business tomorrow! 

– It was sound mate, I’ve realised I ask a lot of questions lol

– Brilliant mate, just working through the list now, I also now have stuff to do at 5am!

And that concludes week 1 of 12! 

Are you interested in joining the next 12 week programme (currently half of the spots are already taken!!) 

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