Owning a Trade Business is tough!

Owning a Trade Business is tough!

25 July 2023

Your day hasn’t even started yet properly and the text comes in….

“Boss I can’t lift my head of the pillow I won’t be in today’

or the classics “My Granny has fell down the stairs” or “My phone died and it’s my alarm so I’ve slept in seems to be a 21st century favourite” and the list goes on and on….

You get to site grumpy knowing your day is already going to be tougher and the client is waiting for you on the doorstep…

Can we change this” he asks completely disrespecting the work thats already been done that he asked for and no thought whatsoever on the time it’s gonna take to change it!

The suppliers are late with materials and the false promises of ‘it’s on its way‘ keep coming but we don’t see any lorry until 3pm…

The list goes on and on and all of the above is just the installation part of business.

I’ve said it before but in my opinion people like me (us) shouldn’t be allowed to start a business without doing some form of business course becuase on top of that we need to complete (and often learn from scratch) how to….

– Design a website

– Optimise a website

– Work social media and it’s confusing everchanging ad algorithms

– Work out wtf broad and negative keywords mean

And all of that is just a tiny piece of advertising and marketing we need to master to get the bloody phone ringing to keep ourselves and our guys in a job!

it’s f****** tough!

And don;t get me started on financial planning and forecasting becuase I am yet to meet a tradesmen who comes to work with me who has a 4 by 2 of how it works!

– Bookkeeping

– Accounts

– Overheads

– Cost of Sale

– Operating costs

– Administration costs

– Profit & Loss

– Job tracking

– Budget planning and more……………..

The list is endless and let’s face it we have zero experience in ANY of it and wing our way around it all hoping it’s gonna be ok.

And it is often ‘ok’ but just ok and if your business is ‘just ok’ the minute the sh** hits the fan it’s hell.

From a work-life balance perspective we work 8-5pm and we work hard, even harder when this little sh** texts (not calls) in sick and then when we arrive home at 7pm after nipping in to quote a client at 6pm we have quotes to send. these quotes lead to 2-3-5 questions throughout the week from the client (who clearly never listened the first time) and often they want to see you again!! – another 7pm finish and quotation to revise and send!!

And do you know what makes this even more superhuman? 

We still have a family AND a life to contend with!!

The same problems that every family face on a day to day basis we have to face also and again…….it’s fucking tough (no asterix this time it’s fucking tough man!”

– Our kids still want our attention

– There are still parents evenings to attend

– The other half still wants a holiday

– The washing machine or the car still breaks down

– Arguments still happen with the wife/husband

– People sadly pass away

– And to pour salt in the wounds your football team is still sh**

Owning a trade business is without doubt the hardest thing I ever done in the early years of business and there is absolutely no doubt about it I could NEVER have done this without help and it’s highly highly likely you can’t to…..

What if I could change this?

You don’t know me well enough to commit to working with me regardless of the cost I get that too but why not jump in and watch this pre-recorded instant view webinar below and see for yourself the steps needed to free up your time, systemise your business and start your journey towards a much better work life balance….

And maybe just maybe you will have a

– Abundance of staff and good people (that text isn’t an issue)

– An organised business platform with full communications (no more client questions)

– Someone to send all quotes and answer all questions

– A person employed by you to manage ALL marketing offline and online

– A real handle on your numbers within the business

– A monthly P&L report to track how the business is doing

– A digital pricing structure to take hours of your week

– Multiple systems & Automations to half your working week                                              

                                              A Business

The alternative is going back and getting a job for someone even crazier than you – F*** That! 

           “Nothing great in business was ever done by one person” 

                                             Steve Jobs

Reply ‘Webinar‘ and I’ll fire over the pre-recorded webinar straight into your inbox.