7 Weeks Fast-track course to Automate & Grow your trade business

7 Weeks Fast-track course to Automate & Grow your trade business

29 December 2022

Are you busy I was asked?

“Bloody yes rushed off my feet! Not enough hours in my day”

I used to say this like I was some kind of working class hero! 

And then things changed…..

I read a book that taught me what I could be doing instead of sleeping until 7am and then pressing the 5 minute snooze button half a dozen times…

I figured if I could get up at 5am every weekday morning and work ON my business that would give me 10 hours a week on my competition! 40 hours a months and 480 hours a year and I could still sleep later at weekends if I chose to. It turns out I never and still don’t/can’t sleep beyond 6am even if I wanted to. 

And guess what…….

There still wasn’t enough hours in my day, however I was implementing 10 hours of sheer uninterrupted business growth into my business every single week and within a year my competition were so far behind me it was nearly impossible for them to catch us and we became the largest driveway and landscaping company in Scotland almost overnight! 

Slowly but surely the systems were implemented, The processes were implemented, Recruitment systems were installed. The pricing structure was done properly, The client journey was bullet proof and with our 10-Nil programme we literally got to a stage where WE chose our client not the other way around! That’s right WE interviewed every client who called for a quote!

In a nutshell we systemised our business to the point where I was no longer needed in my business and in actual fact the business ran BETTER when I wasn’t around. 

We went from 4-500k turnover with 10-12% profit margin (40-50k per year) to well over £1 million Turnover with 29-33% profit margin within 12months, simply put it made me a millionaire – My wee landscaping company made me a millionaire and I wasn’t stopping there…Coincidence? No I don’t think so, the 5am starts with the help of my business coach changed the game for me and changed me as a person. I was motivated again, energised, excited, ambitious, driven and crystal clear where I was heading. With all I was learning through my business mentoring I was implementing every morning. 

This all derived from these early mornings, the 5am Club I called it where I had 2 hours EVERY DAY where the phone wouldn’t ring! Suppliers weren’t calling, Kids weren’t asking me questions, team didn’t need answers and I simply had 2 hours of time to work ON my business not IN my business.

I sold the business not long after adding to my already growing wealth, I was growing Tradecoach and buying property during this time by leveraging the money I was extracting from the business to purchase the houses – The rest is history really…

And now I’m gonna teach you the same thing…

Our 7 week LIVE IN-PERSON coaching programme is launching early 2023 where we will take a bunch of Tradesman and supercharge their business for 7 weeks and get them ready for April 2023 to literally turn the key on their business and supercharge their business and personal growth –  and yes this will involve some 5am rises! 

This programme will move you forward in super quick time, after this 7 weeks you WILL be earning more (which will make this course completely free) and working less and the rest of the year is yours to own……and grow more.

There will be an opportunity to continue working with me 1-1 after this 7 weeks if you see fit. 

**Please note we cannot have 2 companies in the same town (some larger cities are ok) so get in touch today to learn more and decide if this is the right fit for you. If your competitor gets there first you’ve missed it**

What you will walk away with 

  • Optimised and operational website – that converts high quality leads 
  • Lead generation strategies – Forget low quality Facebook leads forever 
  • Proven Sales and Marketing skills that last – to last a lifetime 
  • Instant Digital Trades Costing sheet – No more hours quoting at night 
  • Know your numbers week – Know every penny you spend/make
  • Recruitment Strategies that work – Attract and keep the best 
  • Our signature 10-0 strategy to set you and your business apart
  • 12 months access to the course – if 7 weeks is too quick for some

This is an everlasting one-stop fast track course designed to take your business to the next level and get you OFF the tools in 2023 and teach you in 7 short weeks EXACTLY how I went from skint to millionaire owning a fairly small landscaping company with only 3 teams. 

Send email to info@tradecoach.co.uk with INTERESTED in subject line and your FULL NAME & BUSINESS NAME and I will be in touch to invite you to a free presentation of this course before you commit. Here you can see for yourself  how we (me, you and the rest of the invited tradesman) will take your businesses to a level you never knew was possible 

This course require 7 weeks of graft. Nothing complicated but commitment and graft from you. If you can use Facebook you can implement these systems. 

If it were easy everyone would do it but it’s also not difficult! 

Limited slots available.


Getting you OFF the tools