Becoming a millionaire with a Trade Business.

Becoming a millionaire with a Trade Business.

1 January 2023

I always wanted to become a millionaire!

There wasn’t a reason for it other than a fairly poor upbringing and what I ‘thought’ would bring me happiness and fulfilment. In today’s society life looks better on luxury boats and fancy cars, The urge to drive the fancy cars and fly business class and own that property abroad seemed like the type of life I wanted to live. I was naive and I was living an ‘external life’ and not realising at the time that life requires us to live an internal life in order to be fully content. We must feel content within in order to take that into the external side of life.

My Why

It took me years to realise that it wasn’t money at all I was chasing, it was stuff much closer to home such as looking after my family, financial freedom, security and living a life on my terms. Money doesn’t make you happy however it helps in creating the life you want to lead and provides the freedom most desire..

Talking about being a millionaire doesn’t come easy to me, call it imposter syndrome or whatever but there is a huge urge to get the message out there that it’s possible to get there with any type of business. it’s so important for me to pass on my knowledge for those seeking whatever status and for the masses to realise just how easy it is to make serious money and earn what your worth.

some people don’t do their job for the money-I get that but that wasn’t me. I wanted money And lots of it to then give me the choice and that’s what I set about doing.

I vividly recall the day when my sub-contracted landscaper Peter said to me “there’s no money to be made in Landscaping” and “You won’t make your millions in this industry pal” and with Peter being in the industry for over 30 years and in his 50’s I was kinda taken aback by this and for a millisecond doubted by ambitions. Little did Peter know though the 5 day job he was doing for me was going to earn him around £7-800 on a price-work basis after he had paid his two labourers – I was making nearly 3k and all I had done was survey the job (1 hour) send the quote (30 minutes) and met Peter on-site to discuss what the client wanted (30 mins) Later on in business through systemisation I done none of that anymore, I employed people to do it for me (survey, project management etc) and made the same money per job per team. At one point we had 6 teams and yes we were making 18k per week nett profit.

Now simple maths tells you even with just 3 teams if I could do this 3 x per week with just 3 teams this would give me £9,000 and multiply that by 50 weeks taking out xmas would give me a nett yearly profit of £450,000. If I could invest some of this and keep this going for a few years I would be a millionaire in no time I thought. I knew this wouldn’t happen overnight but I knew it was possible.

I set about doing just that……

How I made my money in business….

The first few years were easy! I paid myself the minimum wage and saved the rest and before long I had 100k to put down on my first property. My credit rating back then was so poor (like really poor) that a 10% deposit simply wasn’t going to cut it with the bank so we knew we needed something a lot bigger. The 100k was saved easily in roughly around a year and that we put that straight into our first ever property in 2016. Due to the large deposit we got a good rate from the bank which helped keep the mortgage payments well below what we were currently paying rent, during this time in this property we were saving money monthly with the lower monthly payments but equally important the value of the property was rising pretty fast (we got it as a repossession so this helped too) and within two years we had roughly 180k equity in the house. This enabled us to remortgage this and buy another similar sized property again with a good deposit. My credit rating now thanks to the above practices is now 100 out of 100 on Equifax compared to 37 in 2016 when I couldn’t even get a mobile phone on contract. This rating enables me to leverage money from elsewhere (the bank normally) to buy more property if we wish and rent out for MORE than the mortgage payments (you can see where this is going yeah?)

By this time the business was getting stronger and stronger and along came my very first business coach who changed everything. Despite me charging what I thought was decent money he encouraged me to add various elements to the business and implement various systems to make life easier. This enabled us to increase pricing and employ more people which in turn meant me working less and earning more.

I was leveraging the money in property to increase my wealth and

leveraging the money in the business to employ more people to work less.

And leveraging the money from the business to buy more property

Before we knew it the business was doing exactly the figures above and I was working no more than 10 hours a week in the business. The increased pricing was paying for the extra staff and not only that but due to the extra help, the service we were providing was exceptional because the person in their role was focussing solely on their role unlike me who prior to this was trying to juggle all roles myself (likely poorly) it was complete win-win – I was working less but the company was working better.

Making money in property

The property we previously lived in was now renting out for a hefty monthly fee which was now paying for BOTH mortgages so our monthly mortgage was effectively £0 AND both properties were rising in Value/equity! Whilst all of this was going on I set about saving enough money to buy a property in Spain outright and paying off my mortgage in our current property (this isn’t tax efficient I just really wanted to be mortgage free) and on 9th December 2019 I achieved both from the monthly dividends above from the company both mortgages were paid in Scotland & Spain, One property was part paid and cash in bank/assets made me in my eyes pretty well off!

On that day 9th December 2019 I officially became a Millionaire………………..And felt nothing!

The option to buy a fancy car disappeared although My Wife persuaded me to purchase a Range Rover SVR and move our BMW convertible to Spain where it’s much more suited than Scotland and I was more than happy in our current 5 bedroom detached property just outside Edinburgh, I had Spain which was and still is our little paradise in the sun and a pretty good social life and playing golf lots,

I was still earning monthly dividends from the company and also from the rental income and so on and strangely enough my spending habits which were never crazy anyway disappeared too and I took up my new hobbies of reading and walking (both free) which I do daily religiously and try to read one book a week and walk a minimum of 12,000 steps per day. All free stuff too – strange isn’t it as I thought I wanted money to spend lavishly.

Recently I read a book by the brilliant Steven Bartlett which said “the guy who owns a 100ft yacht wants a 200ft yacht” and I can totally relate to this. We as humans are constantly striving for more and essentially never happy with what we have. This didn’t quite happen to me but I can totally get where it comes from because I was that guy not so long ago! When I got £1m I wanted £2m and when I got the house in Spain I wanted a bigger one until the penny dropped and I realised I just wanted to be happy/content) which I now am.

I nor you (if you’re a chaser like me) is never going to win the chasing game, we’re going to keep chasing and chasing the next big thing until we die……Unless we settle and realise exactly what it is you’re looking to achieve and WHY

Selling my landscaping business

On 15th February 2022 after around 6 gruelling months of negotiations and due diligence I sold my Driveway company to an investment group. This added to my wealth of course but more importantly it gave me the work/life balance I desired, I desperately wanted to take Tradecoach full time and was and still am so passionate about teaching people this (folk can be so sceptical it’s bizarre) and acquire more properties and this sale would free me up to focus solely on this. With my existing 10 clients showing crazy good results I knew I would be great at this and i was so passionate about helping them. My mind was made up and i sold up!

The days of chasing are over for me, I WILL still set goals but these goals will be based on a desire to live a happy and healthy life and have a life of abundance, this will of course be helped by money to fund my lifestyle, travel, books and new walking shoes! But really my passion has now solely moved to teaching and the joy I get from this is enthralling. I have one particular client 23 old who will be a millionaire by 25 and numerous other older ones nearing this too.

Money goes to money….

We often hear the phrase money goes to money and again I can totally relate but not in the way I thought. Before I thought that meant only the rich could get more money its not true at all because the rich don’t get rich by default unless your Donald Trump and who on earth would want to be him! The rich get richer by LEVERAGING the money they have so when you get to a stage where you’re making good money its vital to leverage this money elsewhere and invest in things like property, stocks etc.

The opportunity is there for all of us and as you may know I started this company in 2013 with a mere £57 bunch of leaflets and absolutely zero savings, skint parents and zero qualifications. Hard work and taking action my business coach insisted I take got me to the stage where I now live a life on my terms.

I live a very fortunate albeit fairly normal life, it’s pretty low key and mainly around my family and friends (in that order) but there is no doubt having funds at my disposal helps.

So as we approach 2023 it would be a great idea for you to figure out exactly what it is you are trying to achieve – it’s probably not money but it would be foolish to neglect it because that may well be the vehicle to achieve the life you want. It’s vital you figure this out though.

The Real Prize was me!

The real prize from achieving what I have achieved in business and in life is NOT the cars or the property it’s the person I have become. In order to achieve in business and life you have to adapt various attributes into your life so by me striving every day to become a millionaire I learnt attributes like discipline, courage, hard work, risk taking, generosity, gratitude, action taking, delegation, letting go, culture and so on……The real prize for me is this – the person I have become and now I live a life on my terms being my best self. I promise you that you can to and equally that me or another good business coach will get you there a LOT faster if you have the courage to take again on achieving your dream whatever that may be.

So what do you want? Let me try give you some ideas because it’s not as easy as it sounds to figure this out.

Perhaps you want to…..

– Be a more hands on parent

– Travel more

– Do more hobbies

– Create a legacy elsewhere

– Become a property magnet

– Write a book

Or perhaps it’s more spiritual….

– Be more present with family

– More at peace with yourself /inner peace

– More chilled out

– A quiet peaceful life without stress

– At one with the lord 😉

– A life on your terms doing what you want when you want

It’s all possible and more, think big and think of your biggest dreams and put a plan in place to achieve it and do the next thing to get you there now….

If you’re interested in working together to achieve these goals and dreams then get in touch or click this link to book in a free discovery call with me.