Setting goals in life and business for 2023

Setting goals in life and business for 2023

29 December 2022

If I could teach you one thing in life it would be this – SET GOALS

Goal setting is so much more than achieving a particular goal and as discussed in several business coaching sessions with my clients and several discovery calls with potential clients setting targets and goals will catapult you into a whole new person.

“It’s the person you become achieving goals that is the real prize – not the actual goal itself”

Albert Einstein says “it’s the definition of insanity to keep doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results” so if your plan for 2023 is the same as 2022 then expect the year to be exactly the same give or take a few curveballs..

One of the first things I do with new clients is help them set goals for their life and the business and at our annual retreat in the end of January (still 2 places available) we will set them again. This ensure clarity to where they want to go and essentially tells me where I have to take them.

You know as humans we have approx 60,000 thoughts going through our mind each and every day – so by simply thinking of goals isn’t enough because by simply thinking of goals you would like to achieve is not enough as they will become lost in your other 60,000 thoughts. How can one be expected to remember clearly and visualise something amongst 60,000 other things – None of which are tangible because they are simply……thoughts.

And thoughts are not real……..

I’ll say that again.

Thoughts are NOT REAL

They‘re a figment of imagination until they are put into practice or made tangible

And how do you make then tangible or real or believable?


For the love of god please take 30 minutes out of your day today and write down 10 goals you want to achieve in 2023 – if you want to go a step further underneath each goal write down WHY you want to achieve it then go about getting them done. Sometimes you don’t even have to do anything for them to become reality but simply by writing them down you are allowing your sub conscious to go looking for that thing (you know that new car you have and now you see same car everywhere? Yep that’s your subconscious)



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