80% of your future clients are sold before you meet them.

80% of your future clients are sold before you meet them.

10 November 2022

That’s quite a bold statement right!

Hear me out!

Whilst I’ll refrain from using words like ‘love at first sight’ and yep sorry about the tacky image!

there is certainly evidence to suggest clients have made their mind up before they contact you.

‘But they get 3 quotes so how do I know it’s me’ I hear you say. 

You don’t is the answer and reality is until they sign on the dotted line you’ll barely ever know however when that phone rings is when you get to work…..technically you must have got to work before the phone even rang as they called you, so something somewhere is working right?

Your Reviews

Your reviews are generally the first thing clients will see when they search for your product or service, ensuring you have good (doesn’t have to be great) reviews on google and some other carefully chosen platforms is the first step to building trust with the client.

Your Website

This is your 1st opportunity to stand out amongst the potential 3 chosen companies bidding for the work. At this stage the client has already chosen 3 companies based on reviews and it’s likely all three are neck and neck on reviews??.

This is where your website needs to be tip top to ride you out in front. If your website isn’t better than one or both of the others it’s not too late…


Between setting the time to visit the client or make the appointment communication is vital. Confirmation emails, reminders and even messages en-route can build trust from the client and equally a thought process within them that suggest ‘this company are professional’

We will go into how to build on all of this during and after survey but let’s stop here for a minute and dream…

Imagine for a minute you worked or put someone to work to really update and upgrade your website, imagine you created a system for receiving 5 star reviews every single time and imagine you learnt and understood the importance of communication.

Remember they horses, remember how it was neck and neck going into the straight  ?? (ok sorry the website?)

Surely you would agree that with

  1. Plentiful reviews
  2. A optimised free flowing website
  3. Great communications

That you are 80% home and dry to win this clients business.

It’s common sense and at this point its over to you as a person – people buy from people.

You follow a few simple strategies and the deal is yours (at ANY price) because the client has made their mind up before you even knocked their door!

Guys this is gospel, this works, take it onboard and implement it and watch your sales rocket!

If you want more info on this subject or simply have any questions feel free to drop me a line at info@tradecoach.co.uk or if you would like to learn more about working together select a free time slot below And join me to discuss your business requirements and let’s grow your business together.



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