Are you un-coachable (yep it’s a thing)

Are you un-coachable (yep it’s a thing)

12 November 2022

Let’s be honest here, most business coaches (not all) would work with anyone. Don’t let coaches fool you with the usual “let’s jump on a call to see if we’re a right fit”

The income is the same and the time is the same and even the toughest clients who can be a challenge most coaches enjoy.

*Disclaimer*Any business coaches looking in I ain’t referring to you….???


Whilst coaching someone who isn’t coachable is do-able (albeit frustrating) being coached when your uncoachable is a complete waste of time and money. This applies as much to the business owner as it does to the business coach, he or she could be earning the same with a coachable client.

Before rushing into working with a coach you must learn a little about yourself first and below is a small set of reasons why you should nothire a business coach.

7 reasons to NOT hire a business coach.

  1. You can’t afford it – of course this is catch 22 but if you can’t afford the going rate(currently between £500-£2,000 per month) or can’t ‘safely’ borrow the funds to do so then investing in coaching would be risky. No coach will turn around your fortunes in a month.
  2. Never wrong – If you’re of the attitude that you know best and you’re the type of person who is never wrong then do not hire a business coach.
  3. Critique – we all like to ‘think’ we accept critique well but do you really? Think big about this before hiring a coach because critique is coming your way.
  4. Frugal  – a good coach will understand your finances and will know what you can and can’t do with your money but if you’re money orientated over everything then each month this will feel like and expense rather than an investment.
  5. Unwilling to change – The fact you are even considering a coach means something ain’t right in your business and/or you want to grow your company. It’s imperative you learn that to grow you have to do something you haven’t done before whatever that may be.
  6. Lazy -Laziness will kill you and your business, whilst there isn’t a mass of hours required (2-4 per week perhaps) if you are not committed to the work then you should not invest, a business coach will show you how he will not do the work for you.
  7. You don’t need help – if you think you don’t need any help you’re likely not gonna listen when a business coach suggests a better way. Save your time and money.


If you think you’re the opposite of the ‘un-coachable’ then hiring a business coach to help you grow your business is one of the best decisions I ever made.

My coaching career started with ActionCoach, ActionCoach are a global organisation owned by the brilliant Brad Sugars (pic) and it certainly taught me a lot about systems and structuring a business. It was at this point my business head changed forever.

I’ve had a few other business coaches, Barry Randall, Trevor ‘Toecracker’ Crook who like Suj (My ActionCoach) showed me ways to tweak what I had already built.

14 months later I sold my business and here I am writing this blog on a Thursday afternoon on my terrace on the Costa Del Sol awaiting the arrival for the weekend of my Wife and Daughter Darcy as I came out early to play some golf and do some reading and writing (my new hobby)

As it stands right now I currently have….

  1. Business coach (technically he is a consultant which is slightly different)
  2. Fitness Coach
  3. Lifecoach
  4. Investment coach/financial advisor
  5. Property coach (group not 1-1)

Why all them coaches?

Why not! These guys know more about the things I want to know more about and I know firmly from experience that the investment will more than ten-fold pay for itself AND each lesson I learn from these guys will make me a better and more rounded person. Fitness may not ‘seem’ like an investment but it’s probably one of the most important because without a good ‘you’ it’s never gonna work. I’ve never regretted working with anyone who is further on in their field than me.

Systemising your business, learning how to recruit, realising the art of delegation and one hundred other reasons are exactly why if you think your a fit for a business coach I would absolutely recommend you do it. May that be me or another coach is your call.

With the right research I’m certain you will find the right business coach to help with your business and  providing you’re willing to learn and willing to put in the work I am certain you will succeed whatever industry you’re in.

Good Luck with that search, you will not regret it!