What Recession?

What Recession?

23 September 2022

As the Bank of England releases its most recent rise in interest rates we will undoubtedly see some panic amongst home owners, Some homeowners will likely face rises in mortgages coupled with increases in every day spending such as fuel, food etc and lets be honest this is going to have an impact on enquiries and perhaps even some cancellations of jobs booked in.

Let’s Panic! Let’s stop spending money on our business, lets cut back on staff, lets NOT buy that new van, let’s not spend that money updating the website and lets not take our team out for that night out we promised them and certainly lets not give anyone a wage rise!!

Or let’s do the opposite! 

Lets stay positive and continue moving forward,

Guys for the majority of people whom can afford to spend 30-40k on an extension or 20-30k on a new back garden this is not going to effect things much at all so do not panic! 

Continue moving forward, continue building that website and buying that new van and whilst the majority of trade companies will do the opposite you will be moving forward and come the end of this recession or come the time when the recession is almost a normal thing (which will come) then YOU will be perfectly placed to move forward and make that gap bigger!

Proof of ‘What Recession”

During one of our group calls last month we focussed our attention on lead generation and the importance of not relying on our website only to generate leads. Taking EVERYTHING onboard my client (landscaper) this week received 29 enquiries and sold 5 but this will go to 10+ we are sure, He’s now booked out for ALL TEAMS well into next year AND is predicting his nett profit for October to DOUBLE what was achieved in September (which was also a record breaking month) He is currently redeveloping his website and about to buy a new van and take on a new team.

What recession?