it starts and ends with YOU…..

it starts and ends with YOU…..

23 July 2022

In business we are all too good at pointing the finger at other people when things go wrong. Customers, suppliers but mainly staff.

Let me enlighten you something about your staff.

if there sh*t it’s all you fault!

Constantly moaning about your staff is a reflection on you as a boss in more ways than one.

– YOU employed said person

– YOU ‘trained’ this person

– YOU allowed this person to behave this way (probably still do) 

– YOU allow this person to dictate to you

– YOU allow this person to infiltrate bad vibes around the whole company

– YOU are too weak to reprimand this person 


Nobody comes to work to do a bad job, nobody applies for a job to be a bad employee but by allowing and accepting some of the above you are affirming that all of this is ok!

                                                   Hire Slow but Fire Fast! 

Oh and when your pointing your index finger at ‘that person’ have a look at the direction your other fingers are pointing……….it’s normally always you! 

One of the very first things we do in Tradecoach is set you up with a robust recruitment plan, a plan designed to never have to deal with this type of behaviour again. a plan so robust that people will be knocking your door down to work with you and the good guys who come on board will never want to leave!