I’ve been called lots of names but Dad is my favourite…

I’ve been called lots of names but Dad is my favourite…

12 June 2022


it’s Sports Day at my 10 year old daughters school and as we approached the school gates for Darcys 5th Sports day at primary School i watched as my Wife greeted the fellow parents with a quick “Good Morning” or a brief chat, laugh and joke. I was merely a by-stander. Not because I’m rude you must understand but because I simply didn’t know these people! 

During My Daughters 6 years of primary school I’ve barely set foot in this place and certainly never had the priveledge of attending her sports day and on the days that I have done the drop off (rarely the Pick up)  I have had so much on my plate or been busy sorting out crap on the phone when someone hasn’t turned in or a supplier has been turned away or clients wanting every piece of me early in the morning that my stress levels wouldn’t allow me to stop and turn and say hello or chat to the parents as I whisked my beautiful Wee D (Darcy) into her line. 

Now THANKFULLY I’ve came out the other side and at 41 years old I am now financially free, I’ve sold the business and I can now enjoy being a Dad again but there’s a problem….I have older kids and they’re now out and about, Too cool for Dad or up and out with jobs and girlfriends, boyfriends and careers- I’ve missed the boat! 

The problem is for most Trade Dads is they may NEVER get out the other side unless they learn like I did from my business coach ways to structure there business to run without them. The Sports Days they may attend in person but are they really there! are they really present or do they want out of there quick style to go put out the fires in this constant stressed out construction industry. 

I don’t regret missing the boat with my older kids, I had to do what was right for me and my family and whilst I may not have attended sports days like I would have liked to I have provided for them and they live and travel well BUT what if I could have done both from a lot earlier than I did?

What if I could have systemised my business and stepped back from it a lot sooner than in 2019, I could have caught my older kids before it was too late. 

What if there IS a way to do both! Be a great business owner AND a great Dad!

Bring a dad and business

THERE IS A WAY….We can create this and you know what’s beautiful is it’s not even that difficult! 

But first you have to want it! 

Do you?

Me and Darcy Quad Biking in the desert??
Me and Darcy Quad Biking in the desert??

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