It takes balls!

It takes balls!

27 May 2022

£597 a month to talk to some Scottish Dude he said! ???

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Hiring a business coach is no mean feet! It’s worrying, people are sceptical and often most people just ‘leave it’

With the best of intentions many will ’talk a good game’ and somewhere in there they ‘want to grow their business’ but something stops them!

They think it’s the monthly investment, it rarely ever is that (but it’s easier to blame that) it’s 99% of the time FEAR. Of course we want help! why wouldn’t we…….

Fear of getting ripped off, Fear of their ego taking a hit because some quick talking business coach has somehow managed to get them to part with their cash and now look they look stupid and fear that maybe they won’t be able to do it because they are hopeless with computers (like I’m a genius!!?)

Thankfully Addam didn’t think this way! Thankfully like many others decided to take a chance (it wasn’t a chance at all but he didn’t know that) and in his mid 40’s after 20 years of being a landscaper he took the plunge! Addam hasn’t worked a day on the tools since breaking up for Xmas in 2020, His Turnover has doubled and his profits almost quadrupled!

You need 3 things to work successfully with a business coach and thankfully for Addam and for Me he had these three things in abundance

1. Balls! – You need balls to start walking the walk! To invest In your company and yourself. Once you commit to this your family are expecting big things, That’s pressure you ego cant handle But what is the alternative! Carry on doing what your doing for another 5-10 years before you simply decide to just give up?

2. Discipline – You need to put the work in, normally around 1-2 hours extra a week, You need to listen and learn from someone similar to yourself (not easy for a boss) and you need to accept that someone likely not much older or maybe even younger likely knows better (also not easy for a boss)

And lastly and most important of ALL and after 20+ years of slogging it out for a ’wage’ Addam had and still has this in masses!

3. Desire! – You need an unbreakable amount of desire to make this work! Not Talent – Not IT Skills – Not  Brains just a deep desire to make your business a success because I will ALWAYS match this desire and together we will be unstoppable in the pursuit of your goals. Addam has shown this and still now is happy to listen and learn and grow his landscaping business with my help.

As a business coach for trades i have an ego too you know and the joy I get with stories like above and many other cannot be underestimated.

it’s not the money! I genuinely don’t need the money! But I do need the results from my clients! It drives me and helping them become what 90% of Tradesman can and should become is a desire of mine that I’m not sure will ever leave me.

You can do it but first you need to pay £597 a month to talk to some Scottish Dude!