Set your goals…

Set your goals…

4 May 2021

Setting goals for the year and even for life are a vital part of your personal growth. A clear precise (as possible) account of how you ‘would like’ your life to pan out are the first steps to  realising your potential. First you must figure out what it is you want to achieve or get out of life. By simply answering these questions you can begin manifesting them into reality.

                             “IF YOU AIM FOR NOTHING YOU WILL HIT IT EVERYTIME!! 

Here are 10 tips to achieving your best self.

1. important goals must be your own.

These cant belong to anyone else, not your wife. Not your kids. Not your bosses. only Yours. When you let other people determine your definition of success you harm your chances of success. they must be YOUR goals.

2. They (Goals) must mean something to you.

When you write down your goals, you must ask yourself, What’s really important to me and importantly what are you proposing to give up or sacrifice for them to become reality. 

3. Your goals must be specific and measurable.

Vague generalizations and wishy-washy statements aren’t good enough. Be specific.

4. Your goals must be flexible.

Allow your plan to be as flexible as possible meaning you can switch or pivot at any given point or change direction slightly.

5. Make your goals challenging & exciting.

You must come out your comfort zone somewhat, comfort zones are great but NOTHING grows there! Make your goals as crazy as you want them to be! excell yourself and think outside the box.

6. Your goals must be in alignment with your values.

listen to your gut. When you set a goal that contradicts your values, something inside will twinge. Pay attention.

7. Work/Life balance Goals.

You mustnt forget to get too busy making a living or even a dream that you forget to make a life.

8. Make your goals realistic.

Be brave but don’t be ridiculous. If you have one leg it’s unlikely you’re gonna play for Ac Milan in a champions league final.

9. Include contribution in your goals.

Giving back to society is a rewarding and important part of growing as a perosn and as a businessman. factor in giving something back after 1-3 or 5 years.

10. Share your goals.

Do NOT be afraid to share your goals with your family or friends or even on social media, sharing your goals makes you accountable to whoever hears about them and thus will drive you on.

Now go and write down 51 goals for your life and in to make this even more realistic give each of the 51 goals a number. The number will represent the year or even months.

For example lets try 1, 3, 5 & 10 (these are years)

Let me have a quick try below with five of my own personal goals.

– Own my first boat (1)

– Write my first book (3)

– Run a half marathon (3)

– Speak on stage to 1000 people (5)

– Open a health and wellness Spa in Spain (10)

Once you complete the 51 goals break them up into yearly pieces, laminate and place on your wall. if you prefer a simple digital version download the app here which is a great way to force yourself to look at your goals daily.

You and only you can create the life you desire but first you must realise and find what that dream life is.

Without setting or having dreams and goals we are merely existing and that is not why we were put here.