10 February 2021

One of the processes we follow with our clients is 10-0 Coaching.

10-0 Coaching involves Tradesman positioning themselves in the marketplace by getting to 10-0 against their competition before they even know the clients door to do the survey.

Simple CNE’s can make all the difference and CNE’s (critical non essentials) are described perfectly in the book by Dr Paddi Lund where he describes how small pieces can add to such a big position and give your clients the peace of mind that they are dealing with a professional company who care.

let’s us how you answer the phone. So Mrs X calls for a new boiler. lets talk about the difference in a professional and a one man band.

Mrs X calls a mobile number

Boiler guy answers with tools clearly screaming in back ground

Boiler Guy explains how busy he is but he will call her back

He forgets to call her back or ’eventually’ gets round to it and promises to get round one day next week…..

let’s look at a CNE orientated business.

Mrs X calls a freephone 0800 number

Mrs X has various options to choose from but chooses option 1 for new enquiries/sales

A polite knowledgable receptionist answers the call in a professional manner

The receptionist asks a multitude of questions to Mrs X and is genuinely interested in how her company can help.

Mrs X feels comfortable and confident that not only will the boiler guy come round on time as promised but she can call the receptionist if anything changes.

Receptionist promises to send a confirmation email of this survey with full contact details and a platform to ask any further questions.

So..Before Mrs X has even put the phone down Company 2 is 6-0 up on its competition. Various other CNE’s can easily be put in place to take this to well above 10-0 before you even knock the door And closer to 20 or 30-0 before you send the quotation.

Now having a receptionist doesn’t have to mean employing someone on 40 hours per week. There are various options available to have your phone answered professionally  by a professional trained to do this very thing.

THIS is just a tiny example of the systems/processes we help you out in place at Tradecoach. Making you not only a LOT more professional but teaching you how to delegate and work LESS and with our other systems and processes we GUARANTEE to show you many other ways to EARN more whilst you do.

Business coaching for Tradesman and Woman.