Finding your why…

Finding your why…

21 January 2021

Why do you do this?

Why do you get out of bed each morning into a cold van.

Why do you put up with all the bullsh** and stress on a daily basis.

Deep down it is almost NEVER solely money. if you think it is money think WHY you want the money???

what do you want to buy with the money? is it a house, a car, freedom to buy other stuff, freedom from money.

it may seem like a simple and rather stupid question however I assure you it’s one of the most important questions you will ever ask yourself?

My why is and always has been to break the poverty that has followed my family around for at least the last two generations, I wanted to earn money to give my kids the opportunity to drive a car and put a mortgage down on a house so them and their kids will know nothing other than own land and property rather than a council house.

My other why was my house in Spain (and travel in general) since I was young I loved travel  (even in Scotland) and dreamed of owning a property in the sun. As a family we couldn’t afford to travel abroad and would holiday in the cold up in the North of Scotland (The lovely town of Lossiemouth to be precise) Great times were had but I always wanted to go abroad to they big fancy beaches.

This ‘why’ kept me going when the days were tough and people were p****** me off in bucketloads.

This ‘why’ got me out of bed on the days I really didn’t want to.

This ‘why’ woke me up at 5am to work ON my business rather than wait until the 6.30am alarm. I would vision this property daily and in December 2019 I finally managed to buy this.

I love it and will move there on 1st July 2024 (do you notice how precise I am there with date etc. that’s called having a goal. a specific goal with a plan already in place to make it happen and a set date/target)

FINDING YOUR WHY is an important part of growing in life and in business and as previous blog posts have demonstrated the person you become whilst achieving these goals IS the actual prize! not actually the goal!

For example I now have the house in Spain but to get that I had to (without even realising it) demonstrate Resilience (with unruly/annoying staff) Determination (on the days I didn’t want to get out of bed) Professionalism (to build a business) Ambition (to have the goal in the first place) and Luck (for everything to come together)

And I need something to com einto my life which it always does! that word we keep hearing but never really see it coming back to us or others, the word that people use so often but never actually have the memory capacity to remember and watch it happen, the word that comes back but in a good way. the word that means you ‘get what you give’ or ‘you reap the benefits’ or ‘gratitude reciporate” or “comes back to bite you” or simply “you got what you deserved”

The word is KARMA

Karma works in good ways too and the universe will look after you, it has an way to reward you for all the effort and open doors for you and lead the way……but first you have to know what way that is and WHY

And that WHY is the reason.

Go Get it!