Snowed off!

Snowed off!

20 January 2021

When was the last time you had 8-10 hours to sit infront of the computer and work ON your business?

Snow or rain days are the PERFECT opportunity to work on the business whilst the phone is off and not ringing off the hook buzzing away with client questions.

Working ON your business is the ONLY way to GROW your business. Please believe me when I say that the early mornings or rain days were the greatest days for me when I was fully involved in my landscaping business, it allowed me the time to…

— Send quotes properly (technically not ON but gave me ample time to send a detailed quote which in turn taught me how EVERY quote should be sent.

–Work on my website (couldn’t afford fancy web developers)

— Put systems in place (recruitment, retention, reporting, timekeeping, attendance, holidays and so on)

–Branding, Creating low cost cheap branding/advertising strategies

–Backlinks and SEO, Small exercises OFTEN to keep my website organically top

–Blog Updates to assist the above

–CRM’s, An opportunity to try out various CRM’s to help grow and control the company

–Quotation system, Perfect a brilliant new quotation system to blow my clients away

The list is endless but they early morning or rain days gave me the opprtunity to do that whilst my competitors slept or went back to bed.

I LOVED rain days and i still love rain days even though my overheads are larger, if you have low overheads of under £1000 a day then NOW is the time to work on, it gets harder and much more costlier once you grow with van and office costs and so on.

Get in touch TODAY and lets start moving your business forward.