Creating Habits

Creating Habits

7 January 2021

Business Growth and life Growth do ‘eventually‘ go hand In hand.

The person you become by reaching your goals far outweighs the actual prize of achieving your goal and by bringing small habits into your life and work can have HUGE benefits to both.

For example reaching your goal of hitting a 1/2 million pound turnover  (from say 150k) will require you to do something(s) you have never done before and the key to getting there are small increments and marginal differences. Creating small (and easy) habits will eventually lead you towards yourself goal. whilst your goal should be large (preferably huge) the steps to get there should be small. Such as….

1. Getting up at 5am to work on the stuff that takes up your time during the day or evening when you should/could be doing other stuff (such as sending quotes, replying to email, tax returns, paying bills,

2. Employing someone on a fairly low wage to do all of the above would enable you to spend the 5am hour or two on doing social media posts, touching up your website, creating content on Canva, chasing quotes via email, implementing systems for your team, creating job adverts etc.

3. consistently working on your marketing, rather than putting out leaflets ‘sometimes’ make sure you do it consistently EVERY TIME. for every job you do someone in your team MUST deliver 50 leaflets to neighbouring properties EVERY TIME. This should be delegated and ‘somebody’ must be accountable for this Within the team.

4. Social Media posts must be done consistently, again not sporadically but consistently. make a point to ‘invite‘ new likes to your page as every opportunity.

this are just a tiny example of some of the small steps you can take to your goal of 500k for example And by creating these habits you are not only building your business and reaching your goal but you are implement discipline into your life. this discipline will lead to something else (for example because you know you have to get up at 5am you wont have that extra beer at night or stay up too late binging on Netflix. Now you have not only brought discipline into your life but better health and the pattern continues. All because you set a goal and made one tiny step (getting up at 5am)

Business and Life SHOULD go hand in hand and the perfect work/life balance is far more achievable when they both unite to ultimately create a better you!

The brilliant book ATOMIC HABITS by James Clear  goes into this in much more depth.