Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

2 January 2021

Happy 2021 to all our subscribers! 

Who wants to see another post/email about how HARD 2020 was!! how we can’t wait to see the back of 2020 or how useless Boris is?

Me neither!!

2020 wasn’t that bad was it? from a business perspective lots of people I speak with have had a whooping 2020 and business is flying and some have thankfully already taken the steps to make 2021 an absolutely belter as we say up here in Scotland.

The even better news is that IF you have managed to get through this year with the shortages of materials, late deliveries, restless and impatient clients and our prime minister making it all up as he goes along then you can get through anything and with the right mindset and application 2021 could/should be even better.

Lets pull no punches here, construction business have been pushed and pulled through the ringer since March and if you are one of the lucky ones still operating AND thriving then 2021 should absolutely be the year to grow even more.

To rest on our laurels is the easy option. to grow even more is the better option and leave your competition in your wake. Lots of your competition will ‘play it safe’ 100% and thats ok, in actual fact that’s great news for you!!

“A comfort zone is a beautiful place but nothing ever grows there”

We must be prepared going into 2021 to FIND TIME to work ON your business, put processes and systems in place because we cannot manage (and grow) a business whilst trying to RUN the bloody things too! Putting the relevant systems in place will allow you to fix most things with the press of a button or a phone call which will free up your time to grow your business.

Systems as simple as timesheets (yes a timesheet is a system) to having a resolute recruitment system in place can save hours of your week, or a full on social media marketing system to bring in some work as we continue the journey and a growth plan what’s your plans?

Wait you do have a plan yeah? if not why not? 

We currently have 7 registered clients within Tradecoach. I will be stopping at 10. if you think we could work together and are ready to exponentially grow your business and…

1. Work less

2. Come off the tools

3. Earn more

4. Let the systems take the stress

5. Grow your business exponentially (or just a little if you prefer)


Then get in touch now. within a matter of weeks our enrollment will be closed as I feel I want to focus on no more than 10 clients. 20 clients wouldn’t necessarily be too big a challenge but I want to stay at 10. a nice easy number and 100% better chance for my clients to grow themselves as businessmen and there business exponentially with me behind them all the way. with packages starting from £497 per month (2 x monthly calls) and unlimited interaction on a 1-1 basis via messenger or email I have all the tools required to build your business to 2-3-5-10 teams enabling YOU (The business Owner) to focus ON the business and ON the growth and the masterplan.

If you miss out on the enrollment we will be opening up a waiting list soon so keep in touch and keep checking back for the opportunity.

Whatever you do I wish you a prosperous 2021 and please keep on moving forward.