Will the Covid-19 recession hit me hard…

Will the Covid-19 recession hit me hard…

6 December 2020

Theres a misconception here that COVID-19 is gonna close down many small businesses.

Will 2021 be more challenging? Yes it will but will it be more challenging that half your suppliers having half the material you need in stock? Or some suppliers just shutting down for 4 weeks or you being in lockdown for 5 then having 5 weeks of catch up! no chance! 2020 has been the most challenging year of our time in the trade industry and if your still standing here now and still IN business your actually in pretty good shape.

The Public will still be spending more time at home with home working and someone perhaps losing their job (yes some will lose their job) or reduced hours however to date people are still in jobs, big business don’t just shut down, they pivot and so long as they are pivoting people still have jobs AND lots will now be working from home and therefore have the money and the want to invest and improve their homes.

Thinking outside the box and getting some outside help will enable you to pivot and really take the lead against your competitors. It won’t be the same as the pre COVID however with a little forward thinking, lots of planning and a positive attitude 2021 could well be your best year yet.

So will it just be the same after COVID?

No probably not, things are still going to be different and we are going to have to pivot in areas (pivoting is essentially thinking differently, moving the business along in sync with whats happening out there) and certain industries will suffer.

Commercial Work.

Now this side of the trade industry could suffer the most! With big businesses being forced to pivot and perhaps step back on spending on that new refurb or the new carpet or new car parking bay may well be placed on hold. garden Maintenance could be scaled back.

Just like them YOU will then have to pivot and look elsewhere at other industries that are thriving In the aftermath of this pandemic.

In a nutshell and as Henry Ford famously said

”if you think you can or you think you can’t you‘re right

Do NOT rest on your laurels here, if you want 2021 to be better then YOU must CHANGE, you must think differently, you must do differently and you WILL get different results.

Do the SAME thing and you will get the SAME results (or worse)

Pivot and Think Different!