Hiring Staff & Recruitment

Hiring Staff & Recruitment

30 November 2020

Building the right team is to many employers one of the hardest parts of business. Hiring the right staff can not only be challenging but nerve wracking too but it needn’t be this way. With a proper plan in place and the relevant templates and systems it can be fairly straight forward.

Firstly you must decide on a solid recruitment system, this should involve proper interview practices with proper questions being asked and some difficult question put forward to find out whatever you need to know,  this can be done by telephone or in person.

All references should be looked into where possible and again relevent questions asked. Employers in general will not give a ‘bad’ reference as such but they can give you many clues as to what type of character this person is and questions like “would you re-employ this person”

Development Days should be introduced, almost like training days and they work both ways, does this person fit into your ways of working and ultimately do you fit into his or hers. It’s important for BOTH parties to establish this before an offer of employment is offered and where better than on the job.

After each week Or fortnight you should arrange a ‘sit down’ with your new employee to ascertain what is good or bad with The way things are going, is there anything else you can do? Is there anything your not sure on, this is a great chance to fix things before they get  to a stage where it’s beyond repair or one party simply gets fed up.

Ongoing development should be implemented after the 1-2 week review. this is an important step and one which makes the employee not only feel wanted but part of something, it not only shows your new team member you care but also that you are willing to invest in his/her future and that of their families. Development can be one or two of many things such as training, testing, reviewing or a general chat about how we can improve things for them.

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