Setting Goals in Business

Setting Goals in Business

2 December 2020

Setting Goals isn’t as easy as it may seem. Starting out in business the goal is for most to make a lot of money, there’s nothing wrong with this concept but ultimately or eventually this is going to stop driving you (even more so when you finally become financially free)


A very important by product of success or financial freedom is the person you become by achieving these this.

for example en route to becoming financially free your going to learn various different skills such as

Discipline. By committing to achieving this goal you are going to have to be disciplined. By jumping outta bed early to get started on a project and “committing” to working late or working weekend you are showing discipline

Hard Work. We have all heard people suggest hard work will get you there and whilst yes we require a degree of luck, perhaps even a little insight or knowledge ultimately it’s hard work which will get you there, work hard now to work less later.

Creative. As things start to move forward for you then you will want to pivot your business, add little bits in here and there and think outside the box a little or a lot, by implementing better ways of working or adding little non essential perks for your team and your clients you are becoming more and more creative.

Generous/Giving. As the money starts to come in slowly but surely you will start giving more, generosity and giving back is singlehandedly one of the most  importing things you can do in life but before you do this you will learn to be…

Grateful. Being grateful for what you have is again harder than you think. As you begin to grow as a person and as a business owner it’s extremely important to sit back every so often and marvel at your achievements, marvel at the amazing family and group of friends you have and anything really to give you a sense of gratification. Gratitude is a beautiful thing to have In your life

Communicator. In business you will almost innocently learn how to communicate with certain. Individuals in your team or supplier or clients. You will learn how best to communicate with every level of person and know that no two persons are the same. You will learn how to become a great communicstor and this will last forever as will all of the above and below.

Day to Day. Especially in the early years of business or business growth you will learn to be a multitude of things. Delivery Driver, Doctor, Counsellor, Wages clerk, purchaser, negotiator, salesperson, tradesman, customer care rep, invoicer and buyer and so on….as we know in business the list is endless

However…it’s the person you become by achieving all the attributes above that is the real PRIZE, becoming financially free is great of course but by being disciplined and hard working and generous and creative you are setting yourself up perfectly for a life of abundance and at this point without even realising it the money isn’t actually that important.

At Trade Coach we teach all these things into our clients, slowly but surely all these attributes are added into the journey, it’s almost impossible to NOT add these attributes as our clients set out on the journey to grow their business. If your interested in growing your business then join our mailing list below or get in touch.

Financial and Life Abundance is just around the corner.