All Posts Ten Benefits of a business coach

All Posts Ten Benefits of a business coach

18 November 2020

Business coaching has multiple benefits….

Do you need a business coach?

The answer is NO if you are 100% satisfied with where your business is currently.

Do you have enough leads?

is your conversion rate high?

Do you have a fair work/life balance?

is you business self sufficient (to an extent)

Are you stress free?

does/can your business run without you?

Are you happy?

If the answer to the majority of these questions is positive it’s quite possible you DON’T need a business coach. it’s highly likely your fairly comfortable and ‘safe’ and you likely like me live a fairly successful well balanced life.

If the answer is NO to the majority then you most definitely could benefit hugely from having Trade Coach in your life. Some of the benefits of having a business coaching for tradespeople are below…

Someone to talk to, I need help with my business

Someone who has been exactly where you are right now, who’s walked YOUR walk, felt your pain and can sympathise BUT has a solution.

Proven systems!

Why mess about trying to implement systems (wrongly) when you can have the systems sent to you instantly for you to edit and implement, people run systems and its the systems which run your people. Some people don’t even know what a system is but wont admit it. A system is a procedure, process, method, or course of action designed to achieve a specific result and once in place most things are a click of a button.

Accountability partner!

Your friends and family cannot do this for you, they will want to but reality is they won’t have the ability nor the experience to help/move you forward. Having someone to answer to on a weekly/fortnightly or monthly basis is a very strong tool to take action on set tasks. A good business coach not in it for the money will not work with people who are not achieving tasks set out IF its agreed at outset that this is achievable.

A go to,

Having someone who has been there and done that and having the resource to drop a text or an email for a quick answer is invaluableImagine ‘knowing’ Richard Branson. He was your good friend. if you had a business problem you would call or text him right? well unless you’re planning on building something like Virgin then you probably don’t need Rich as your friend but for smaller scale operations a business coach will essentially be your Richard Branson. he’s been there, he KNOWS the answer, he’s your knowledge banka and to a degree he is “on tap”


A business coach should be able to add 15-20% to your profit margins year on year. in some cases (and this is not uncommon) a business coach can double sometimes treble your turnover and sky rocket your bottom line profit.

Out the box thinking, your business coach will work with several business and have hundreds ideas for running a business and have multiple different systems and processes which may help your business. Out the box thinking taken from one industry to another can really shake up an industry.

Sales & Marketing,

A business coach will know various routes to market, if he/she has worked in a similiar industry AND been successful you can be sure they know several key elements required to bring in business. it would almost be impossible to run a successful business without this.

Taking action, Much like the accountability section your coach will demand you Take Action on certain aspects of your business,

You are who you surround yourself,

We have all heard the phrase you are a combination of the 5 people you hang out with, well by “adding” a business coach to your circle you will be adding one ore cog to your success circle. your coach will likely add or bring you together with another 4 or 5 meaning your growing every time you are in or around these people. This is how winning is done.

build my business or ways to grow my business

Your business coach will help you GROW your business. Contrary to your beliefs (entrepreneurship creates big egos!) you are NOT superhuman! you DO need help and your business coach will work with you strategically to build your most important tool…YOUR TEAM! he will instinctively know when and where to place important people to help your business grow.


Last but not least, Changing your business will ultimately change your life, with far less stress due to systemisation and more/better team members your stress levels will drop dramatically, you will learn to delegate more and bring in certain software or CRM’S to essentially do the mundane tasks for you leaving you to complete the tasks that YOU like to do and working ON your business rather than IN your business. Working ON yur business will soon enough create so much more free time enabling you to spend more time with the people that matter most. within a short space of time you will be sitting back watching your business grow with as much or as little input as you see fit.

Until you decide to sell (if you ever do) this will always be your baby, the creation will always be yours, the pride you have for your business and the memories of the “hard days” will always remain and as time goes and the business grows exponentially your passion and pride grows with it because you know what you sacrificed to make it happen!

The Stress, the despair, the sheer frustration and the pain will all be distant memories because you TOOK ACTION and decided enough was enough and got in touch with a coach who merely helped/advised and listened, YOU took the required action and with his/her guidance YOU changed your business and your life forever.

Remember to enjoy “The Climb’ on the way up, often it’s the person we become on the way there that make us the person we are when we get there!

is business coaching a good idea? You decide…