Why being booked in advance is bad

Why being booked in advance is bad

9 November 2020

Being fully booked can almost be seen as some form of victory for some but here is how this can be so wrong..

As Business Owners it most definitely is ego related to say the most common used words in the construction industry….

“I’m rushed off my feet’ or “I’m booked out for 6 months!”

This is crazy on many levels and here’s why!

First and foremost if your booked out for 6 months then you most definitely have your pricing wrong, you could be earning more and/or working so much less if you knew how to. business coaching for tradespeople will show you how to maximise your earnings and work less without charging the client more than they should be charged.

If your still working on the tools and you are booked out for 6 months have you thought about a holiday for you and your family? what about rain days? have you factored them in?

Lets face it, depending on where in the world you are can you ever accurately do this? in the UK and most certainly here in Scotland we cannot even closely factor in rain days. I’ve tried and failed many times!

What happens if one job is delayed, does this mean the rest of the year is behind? of ocurse it does but much more importantly it puts YOU under more stress and stress leads to mistakes and mistakes lead to stress and so on…………………Contact TRADECOACH today to put the systems in place to avoid these pitfalls and learn to work less for more whilst still enjoying the ‘good bits’ of the business you worked so hard to build.