Adding Value to your business

Adding Value to your business

28 February 2024

Adding value to your business on a weekly basis is a surefire way to supercharge your business.

Dedicating 5-10 hours per week could give you 40 hours per month advantage ON your competition and in my own experience this is what took me from a newbie in my industry to the No.1 in my industry/area within 12 months.adding value to your business is pivotal to your success.

I dedicated 2 hours per day (5-7am) to work on my business…..

I had a business coach and every session he would give me stuff to work ON. I used these hours (5-7) to complete these tasks and more…..

Without doubt this was the difference between me and ‘them’

Every single day my business was getting better even by 1% some days but the accumulative gain added up and before I knew it I was miles ahead.

But what did I work on? 

  • The list is endless but I done a LOT of SEO work (I learnt this myself)
  • I edited and added pictures to website and socials a lot
  • I created systems my coach taught me
  • I designed stuff (leaflets, brochures, neighbour letters etc)
  • I looked at ways to recruit better
  • I worked on my profit and loss

The list is endless really and I had little spare cash so was forced to learn all this stuff myself (this is what led me into business coaching eventually) I always found stuff to do and would often plan it on a Sunday evening.

Ultimately to commit to this takes discipline, this is something 97% of business owners are NOT prepared to do or if/when they do it lasts a week or less.

Does that sound like you?

Seriously why are you not doing this? Perhaps you need accountability which is where a business coach comes in.

Have a look at this video for another simple example of how easy it is to add 1% to your business.