Recruitment Challenges in the Trades Industry: Tips for Hiring Success

Recruitment Challenges in the Trades Industry: Tips for Hiring Success

20 February 2024

Recruitment can be a daunting task for trades businesses in the UK, especially given the shortage of skilled workers in certain sectors. However, with the right strategies in place, you can attract top talent and build a strong team to support your business growth.

Start by clearly defining the roles you need to fill and outlining the skills and experience required. Crafting detailed job descriptions will not only help you attract suitable candidates but also ensure that applicants understand the expectations of the role from the outset. This is a must-do otherwise you will get all Tom, Dicks (literally) and Happy Harry’s coming into your business expecting to do things THEIR WAY – Huge f****** no-no!!

When it comes to advertising job vacancies, think beyond traditional methods like job boards and consider tapping into niche platforms and industry-specific networks (but DO use traditional methods like indeed too) . You can also leverage your existing employees and professional contacts to spread the word and attract referrals – nowhere near enough people do this – You staff know people similar to them!.

Make the job advert attractive!! – You are trying to attrack people here, encourage them away from thier existing SAFE job, make your job advery stand out.

During the hiring process, look for candidates who not only possess the necessary technical skills but also align with your company culture and values. This part is very important,  Cultural fit is essential for long-term success and employee retention, so be sure to assess candidates based on both skillset and personality. Personally personality and attitude comes first assuming they know the basics. Any skill shortage can be taught.

Once you’ve made your hiring decisions, invest time and resources into onboarding and training to set new employees up for success. Providing comprehensive training and mentorship not only accelerates the integration process but also fosters loyalty and commitment from your team members.

But remember we need Good People – An a**hole is still an a**hole irrespective of how many doors he can fit in one day! – Do not upset the apple cart!

It’s You v You when it comes to hiring and you make the good decisions v the bad decisions.

Watch this video for more insights into recruitment.