Why hobbies are so important in business..

Why hobbies are so important in business..

26 December 2023

If you’re not having fun outside your business, seriously what is the point?

‘I can’t play golf Claire, I don’t have the time’ would be the cry from me when encouraged by my wife to go for a round of golf.

Seriously I thank my lucky stars often that I found my business coaches who taught me how to grow my business because I am not entirely sure I would ever have escaped that entrapment I had in my business. The entrapment was all in my own head though, I did have the time I just told myself stories that I didn’t and that ‘could’ have led to a fairly unhappy life for me.

For me happiness isn’t that hard to work out (I prefer contentment over happiness but that’s another story) for me happiness is this…..Doing more of the things you enjoy doing! – Believe it or not it was my daughter who taught me this!

it sounds ridiculously obvious I know but clearly it’s not because as business owners we rarely seek out adventure and fun instead choosing stress and overwhelm over actually enjoying our lives – it’s bonkers!

Find the time today to make time for loved ones or hobbies or anything that’s going to take you away from the day to day otherwise seriously what is the point in this! – There’s no fun to be had in a graveyard!

If you think you ‘can’t find time’ then I siggest we have a chat because it’s simply not true, either you’re telling stories like me or you really need to systemise and grow your business allowing you time to actually enjoy the fruits of your hard work.

In conclusion, hobbies are not just leisure pursuits but essential components of a fulfilling life with significant professional implications. By indulging in activities outside of work, you can and you will improve their mental well-being, enhance your skill sets, foster creativity, and expand your network. The resulting positive impact on personal growth and mindset inevitably spills over into the professional realm, benefiting businesses through increased innovation, reduced stress, and a more diverse skill set among employees. Encouraging employees to pursue hobbies can ultimately contribute to a more productive, creative, and harmonious work environment.

Do your future self a favour and go find that ‘thing’ you enjoy doing!

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