The Talented Tradesmen with zero business skills…

The Talented Tradesmen with zero business skills…

28 June 2023

I’ve never fitted a driveway or patio in my life so when I started my Landscaping Business I done all the basics and sold a few jobs and so on and then thought SH**!! – Who’s gonna actually fit these jobs!

I knew literally nobody in the industry but here I was with a website, a logo and a few jobs in the diary yet had nobody to actually do the job. Panicking somewhat the only place I knew back then in 2013 was gumtree so I put an advert out on gumtree for Landscapers…

A week or so past and 2 brothers sent me an email offering there services and having no other choice I decided to go with them and essentially hope for the best…

To cut a long story short the two of them were actually incredible fitters and 10 years on I would still class them as the two best driveway fitters (and also very good landscapers) in Edinburgh BUT they were an absolute riot!

Days off, Drugs, Attitude, Theft and more things occurred in the years they worked for me and at the beginning I had no choice but to suck it up. From a clients perspective they were brilliant at the job so quality was always high WHICH ALWASY pleased the client.

As we got working more they introduced me to their TWO OTHER BROTHERS who were also VERY good at landscaping and even two of their cousins came on board as skilled labourers, it was incredible – a family of 6 pretty much qualified landscapers all living within 1-2 miles of each other in South Edinburgh.

All earning between £300- £500 per week

One thing always intrigued me with these guys and no doubt you too….

“Why on earth aren’t they doing this themselves, why are they working for me and not going it alone – they could actually kill it between them” 

And then I got to know them more and realised just like I do every working day of my life here at Tradecoach and it’s this…

“you don’t know what you don’t know” and these guys simply had no idea how to run a business, no idea how to register for tax, little knowledge on pricing and wouldn’t know a system if it hit them in the face.

The last I heard from these guys they are all still jumping from company to company in Landscaping, One is a bus driver and another on the dole all because they simply didn’t know what they didn’t know.

The E-Myth is a fantastic book by Michael e Gerber and it describes how the average tradesman for example is brilliant at what he does but ask him to be brilliant at accounts, pricing, forecasting, targets, recruitment and so on and his whole body freezes and these guys were the quintessential this person.

Little did they know (and I certainly wasn’t going to encourage them to do so) but had they simply employed a good business coach to teach them these basic tasks then owning a business would have been fairly easy for them and having a ‘core’ workforce of 6 highly skilled guys which is one of the toughest parts of trades business ownership they literally could (and would) have been the largest landscaping company in the uk….Easily!

Are you a talented tradesmen but struggling to see the woods from the trees?

Are you thinking each January 1st “this is my year” or have you settled that this is just your job now and this will remain your job well into (and often beyond) retirement?

Guys it does not have to be this way!! 

Teaching my clients to become a business is probably one of the easiest (and enjoyable) things I’ve ever done, with the right client who is NOT ego driven and is willing to learn it’s a fairly easy process to teach them the basics (to begin) and beyond on the A-Z of business and with the right application most of the above (systems, accounts, recruitment etc) are delegated anyway and someone else is doing it for my clients.

NONE of my clients take calls anymore

NONE of my clients have to keep receipts and do any form of bookkeeping

NONE of my clients do reporting or forecasting

NONE of my clients work 40 hours per week (unless they choose to)

and so on

and more importantly….

NONE of my clients are on the tools

Simply by learning the basics of business and then advancing from there you too can become the business owner your potential deserves and come away from the day to day grind (and problems) that a trade business delivers.

Don’t be like the 97% – Rise above it and find the faith in yourself to become the business owner your skillset deserves to become or who knows in a few years it could be you driving the bus!

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