Delegating at work….

Delegating at work….

11 February 2023

Let me tell you something you already know…..But often forget!!

You cannot do everything and you are sh** at most things to do with business other than the actual work itself….

Great at sales – Hmm doubtful!

Great at Social Media – No you’re not

A Great Manager – Too soft more like

The list goes on and on and reality is people have business coaches for a reason, the greatest sportsmen and women in the word have coaches and you should too – IF you want to get better at the above and more.

Accepting that you’re not good at these things and understanding that by hiring someone to do these tasks or outsourcing these tasks will give you so much time to focus on not only the tasks that you enjoy but the important tasks that need done but often are overlooked due to time restraints – “Not enough hours in my day”

There is enough hours in your day you are just likely choosing to spend them on stuff you can’t do well (or fast) and these meaningless/crap tasks that you hate (see above) are causing you so much stress (time) that other important stuff gets neglected.

And THIS is one of the main reasons your business won’t grow.

Learn to delegate……..