Most tradespeople have already done the hard part…

Most tradespeople have already done the hard part…

10 February 2023

Working with hundreds of tradespeople over the years one thing is always apparent. They have done the hard part!

It’s highly likely the small business owner was in a fairy secure and comfortable job, it’s also likely he was earning a decent wage and assuming he was good at his job he was probably pretty well looked after. He probably didn’t feel that looked after (hence why he/she went alone) but I’m sure after starting his own business and hiring people he realised his old boss wasn’t such an idiot after all and that now he was working HARDER for a BIGGER idiot…….himself or herself.

Anyway – He/She had a decent job and had the courage to leave this and put everything at risk and go and work for himself, Saved or borrowed enough money to buy a van and tools and eventually employed one or more people and took on that burden of having to find work to pay for this person.

Somewhere in there the tradesperson has had to learn accountancy, payroll, hr, advertising, marketing, web design, social media, negotiating, sales, after sales and so on….

As a man who has run small and fairly large organisation and worked extremely,mely closely with both sizes of companies myself also please believe me when iI say that this is the hardest part!

The problems start here though and people are misunderstood that this is due to becoming bigger – more staff, more problems etc and to a degree this is true but the main issue is the business owner has STOPPED growing. Buying more van, employing more people and implementing more systems, getting more leads/sales and more requires more help – But Tradespeople don’t see it that way

“If I can do it myself I’ll do it’ will ruin your experience of growing a business and a much better philosophy is “If I don’t want to do it I am gonna raise my prices to enable me to employ someone to do the stuff that I don’t wanna do.

And this is one of the main reasons why people who are a few simple steps away from being successful are not successful.

And this is one of the main reasons why unsuccessful people work just as hard (likely a lot harder) than successful people.

And this is where business mentoring and business coaching comes into it. It’s highly likely this person will have ZERO experience other than what they have self taught themselves about scaling, recruitment, processes and systems and any mentor worth their salt with have hundreds possibly thousands of systems that have worked in various industries – Simply put he or she (the business coach) will get it done better and quicker. That is almost a given and they will build and grow your small business into a big business that works without you.

Creating that business that works without you type of business will create the work/life balance you crave – Let’s face it we ALL crave it and me personally I have created it and of all my successes in life, my actual life (work/life balance, relationships, health, hobbies etc) is the thing I’m most proud of in life.

And by taking action now and turning that hard work into fruitful work you can to.

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