Your Website is sh*t!

Your Website is sh*t!

19 December 2022

90% of the trade business owners I speak to who are looking for a business coach come to me because they want to of course grow their business. One of the first things I will do is go and visit their website.

And to date I have only seen one and I know he reads these blogs so well done Jack!

From time to time I see websites like Jack’s (Here’s a free plug and a free backlink Jack) and it’s brilliantly designed.

Often with ther trade businesses though IF they’re lucky enough to have a nice looking website (rare) the SEO behind the scenes is poor – You see a web designer and an SEO expert are two different people, So to firstly narrow down the confusion let’s differentiate the two

Web Developer – Will build you a user friendly good looking, functioning website. There will be lots of CTA (click to action buttons) and it’ll be fairly simple to use and navigate.

SEO Expert – Will do the back of the website work to make sure people actually find this pretty little website!

What I find a lot is a really ugly website is normally very well optimised and a really pretty website is very poorly optimised – It’s vital we hire a designer AND an SEO Expert and do not let the designer convince you he or she can do both! – They often cannot!

Hey YOU – Wanna talk about your website 😉

– There’s barely any backlinks (WTF is a backlink I hear you say)

– The only CTA button is on the contact page or stuck to the bottom out of site,

– Your Meta descriptions are blank or repeated

– You have zero ALT tags

– No proper H1 headings

– Your making the client work to get the info he/she wants/needs

– The gallery is well…..yuk!

Have I confused you yet? 

Good that was the plan! I don’t expect Tradespeople to understand words like meta descriptions and CTA and ALT tags which is exactly why if you do not have the time to learn this stuff you must hire someone to do it or your website will barely get found other than in your local area on the map section of google which will limit your chances of growth. Of course being found locally is important but not everyone will go via the maps and you’re likely losing 30-40% of the traffic.

Business Coach will NOT be able to build you a website but he or she should be able to tell you what you need (I kinda just did) and your business coach coach easily work with with the web developer or seo expert to work with them on your behalf.

The Website you are on right now I built myself BUT I had the time and continue to have the time to optimise this but should you google Trades Business Coach UK or Business Coach for trades I should be ranking pretty well. I will continue this work for other keywords. The design is also done by me and works ok. I’m not overly happy with it but it’s functioning and it works. IF a lot of my work came via the website (it doesn’t) I would pay the money and have an all singing all dancing interactive one – I may do this one day.

Guys sort out your website – it is shit and nobody can find you and even when they do it looks cheap, it doesn’t work properly and it’s just like the rest – Think different!

There are so many more tricks to a good website to talk about in one blog but hopefully this helps you take action and sort out that website!

If you would like a free personalised 3 point website review then get in touch here and I will send you over the top 3 things you need to work on immediately – Put 3 point review in the subject and your website address in the message and I will send you through your report.