Getting Leads into your business

Getting Leads into your business

19 December 2022

Whether you’re a painter & decorator, electrician or Landscaper there will be a time in the year when leads dry up and times when the phone is ringing off the hook.

At Tradecoach Business Coaching we focus a lot on lead generation and coaching our trade business clients the importance of consistency throughout the year but before this we must understand the importance of each and every client that comes into the business regardless of the time of the year – For the landscaper looking for leads in January the client that contacted him in August would have fitted that bill perfectly or the heating engineer so busy in winter that he doesn’t call the client back and wonders why he doesn’t have enough work to build a bigger business with a 2nd or 3rd team – Leads are the lifebloood of your business and regardless of how busy you are in your peak months these leads must be treated exactly the same with the same level of service and consistency throughout.

So how to get trade leads into your business? 

It really isn’t that difficult to get leads running consistently through your business but like anything in business you need a system, someone needs to be in charge of this otherwise it’s going to be left up to you and you have enough hats to wear in your business – if it’s left up to you then it’ll get done 30-40% effectively.

Hopefully this can give you some inspiration

Hire a Social Media Manager – These types of tasks can be hired fairly cheaply and on a set budget, So lets say 2 hours per week which would cost you around £30 per week or half this price if you take it overseas. For £30 a week you never have to worry about it again? Seems good right?

Google Ads Manager – Definitely the most effective but also the most expensive Google Ads are the quickest and easiest way to get these leads flowing steadily into your business. Trying to do this on your own can be very risky and costly. A good google ads manager will likely save you money.

Pro-Active Marketing & Advertising – There are various routes to market via pro-active marketing, Things like Trade Shows, Home shows, leaflet distribution, Street signage, Car Park/Car Wash advertising and so on there is so many to mention but by consistently doing all of the above + more consistent leads will flow into your business but again it’s vital you treat them the same all year round.

And Lastly – And without doubt the most important, 

Your shop window!! Your Website!! The likelihood is your website is shit!

Stay tuned for the next blog when I will seriously get stuck in to the pitfalls 90% of trades are making.