Jacob Berry

Jacob Berry

Ahh Jake!

Jake was a tough one to crack at the beginning, I couldn’t figure him out at first and then within 5 minutes of our first call I got it. He was already a businessman, I didn’t expect that and hadn’t met a landscaper like him before. He knew exactly what he wanted he simply needed someone in his corner who had been there and done it. A soundboard mainly to bounce off.

Jake is hugely motivated by professionalism and systemisation, he got it from day 1 the importance of infrastructure and creating a culture. Jake has went about things differently than the majority of my clients but equally as successful. 2023 will be a huge year for Jake and Refined Landscapes based on the groundwork he put in first.

Timeline: June 2021 - June 2022


June 2021: £900,000
June 2022: £1.2 million

Making More Profit

June 2021: £50,000
June 2022: £125,000

Growing Infrastructure

June 2021: No Office/No Systems
June 2022: Office staff, Systems, CRM, Designers, Project Managers, Office Manager.

Working Less

June 2021: 50-60 hours
June 2022: 40 hours

Increasing Staff

June 2021: 10
June 2022: 14

Next Steps

2023 is a massive year for Jake, with huge strides taken in background including 2 x new project managers and a new 'awesome' office manager.