Miles Wellings

Miles Wellings

Miles Wellings of The Leicester Landscaping Company contacted me in January 2020.

Working within a landscaping coaching group Miles wasn’t achieving the high standard he was expecting and was considering Action Coach Busin before deciding to speak with me.

See below the extraordinary transformation of Miles below.

Timeline: January 2020 - June 2022


January 2020: £250,000
June 2022: £1.3 Million

Making More Profit

January 2020: £23,000
June 2022: £270,000 (21/22)

Growing Infrastructure

January 2020: 2
June 2022: 6

Working Less

January 2020: 70-80 per week
June 2022: 10 per week

Increasing Staff

January 2020: 3
June 2022: 19

Next Steps

There is actually not a lot left to do for Miles. it's all about developing now and making this run even smoother and more efficiently.