New FREE Facebook Group

New FREE Facebook Group

1 September 2023

Business Growth Group

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A business group for sharing ideas and also wins and losses.

What works and what doesn’t within ALL trade industries…..

Business Groups are good but constant questions about products, customers or are you busy is wasting time and nobody really needs to see your new job you have just completed – Save that for your prospective clients on your own page!

This is a Dedicated Group designed for GROWING your business, A place to chat about what’s working and what’s not.

This group is for those of us who

– Need help working out how to know your numbers?

– What platforms are best for lead generation?

– The best CRM to use to systemise your business?

– Best Recruitment Practices

– And anything else that is going to supercharge your business…..

Let’s be honest there could be a hundred questions above here and the guy in the pub doesn’t have a clue!

Fellow business owners do!

This is not a group for showcasing 

– Your nice new job you just completed

– Your Shiny New Plant

– New New Tools

– Client text messages

– And definitely NOT your holiday snaps!

it’s a group to share ideas and what works and what doesn’t and it comes with the backing of over 100 years of experience already in the group!!