My Morning Routine

My Morning Routine

17 February 2023

My Morning Routine has changed somewhat since selling my construction business however the main parts remain the same and always will. What does a morning routine have to do with growing a business and business coaching you may ask..

And my reply would be absolutely everything!

My Morning Routine has evolved and been altered over the years but singlehandedly i would credit it with changing the landscape for my whole business back in the day (I sound like an old man now I get it) and without it I am certain I wouldn’t have managed to take my business all the way to exit.

It started something like this

When working in the business

5am – Work ON the business (this involved putting in systems I had been working on with my business coach, working on the website – I self taught my self this as I couldn’t afford a web developer – recruitment – procedures – and just other ways to automate the business (save time)

**Please note unless I finished the above before 6.30am I never worked IN my business doing things like quotes, emails et

6.30am – Walk, Water, Audi. For the next 30 minutes I would be out walking and exercising whilst listening to an audiobook on whatever I was working on (such as recruitment) and would normally do around 3km walking or running whilst drinking a litre of water. So come 7am I had exercised, had fresh air, learnt something through the audiobook and hydrated by body.

7am – Quick shower and a quick nutritional breakfast (nutritional to give me energy throughout day) and away to work……..I would sometimes NOT have breakfast which was stupid.

Since Selling the Business the above is still the same but I have added in cold showers, breathwork, journalling and a steam room to the habits and on the morning I am not coaching I will play golf (normally 9 holes if alone 18 if with a friend) and I will always now have a nutritional breakfast. I am not a massive exerciser but I do have the peleton and a rowing machine – I hang my jacket nicely on these (ok I’m ‘half’ joking I ‘try’ to use these twice per week – I prefer golf!

The majority of morning this is all completed well before 8am though and I am ready for my day….

Cold Showers – F-That I hear you say, I WISH I had stumbled across this whilst in business. Aside from the health benefits of a cold shower business can be stressful, let me tell you this – if you can jump in a cold shower at 6 or 7am and stand there for 2-3 minutes freezing then you can handle anything an annoying client or disruptive staff member throws at you that day…

Breathwork – Breathwork is a great way to get the blood moving through your veins, it can help with breathing and stress and really it just relaxes you and makes you present for 3-4 miniutes in the morning.

Nutrition – It never occurred to me before, eating healthily in my eyes was for posh people, I just eat when I can and what I happen to be around (greggs, mcdonalds, sometimes even just a packet of crisps I had grabbed on the way out the door) these type of foods were given me little nutritional value yet I wondered why I felt lethargic throughout the day or slightly grumpy!

Hydration – Hydrating your body is vital for numerous reasons and especially in the morning to effectively waken up your organs it can play a vital role in your health and wellbeing. These days if I feel light headed, sore head, tired, lethargic my first question is ALWAYS ‘have you had enough water today’ and the answer is often no when i feel this way – it works!

If you have managed to get to the bottom of this page (trust me 80% won’t) then well done, you CLEARLY want to improve you and/or your business so why not start implementing even 1-2 of these things into your day.

What harm can it do…..