Work-Life Balance in your Trade Business.

Work-Life Balance in your Trade Business.

14 December 2022

Does your trade business give you the work life balance you promised yourself?

Can a business coach help?

At Tradecoach and in life i am committed and passionate about creating a work life balance throughout my life personally but also in my clients life. As a business coach it’s my job to grow businesses and whilst my processes and systems work perfectly to grow any trade business it would be foolish to not talk more about work-life balance. The purpose of any business coach should be to create a far better work life balance for the client and 99% of the time with that comes better systemised business, more free time, more money and freedom and choices. That is often the main goal.

Often without even realising it my clients want FREEDOM, they want to take their kids to school, not go into work today, go to the gym or play a game of golf, but this FREEDOM can often be confused as the desire for MONEY – it’s very often not money it’s the freedom that money provides that my clients are searching for.

If you have read my previous blogs you will know I have implemented various habits into my life including Morning & Evening routines, Fitness, Nutrition and more….

But there’s more and below is a copy of a ‘Wheel of Life’ template to hopefully help you to figure out what areas of your field of life are lacking.

How’s your finances?


Relationships with friends & family



And so on…………

If you would like a copy of this to edit, send email to with subject line WHEEL OF LIFE and I will send you the full copy below.


The problem with most Trade Business Owners is they currently are filling the role of 5-10 different people and this is where any good business coach will provide their value.

NONE of these 5-10 roles are being completed 100% therefore business is sinking, the business owner is stressed, overworked, overwhelmed, tired, short on cash, anxious, depressed and so on………To make matter worse the owner feels completely unappreciated by family and staff….

Business is a lonely place!

Take stock of your life and manage your wheel of life better with this very simple exercise and begin the journey of creating that work/life balance you dreamed of when you started out on this journey because…..

 ‘You didn’t come this far to only come this far” 

Watch this brilliant video by Matthew McConaughey to remind you to ‘tend to your own garden first’ #dontdrinkthekoolaidman