How to hire the right staff in Trade businesses.

How to hire the right staff in Trade businesses.

21 November 2022

Hiring the right staff especially within the construction industry is tough. Without doubt the most common question I am asked during first discovery calls would be…

How can I find good staff?

The first part of any recruitment drive is to ensure you have an adequate recruitment system in place. A recruitment system is a documented file specifically for recruitment, this is your go to place to hire or fire staff with maximum efficiency.

For example if two of your employees walk out on Tuesday morning you need a place to go on Tuesday afternoon to recruit new team members. You do not want to be re-typing adverts and reposting and interviewing ad-hoc every single time you need new staff.

Business owners spend too much time on fixing recruitment errors and not enough time on recruitment in the first place.

How to create a recruitment system within your business,


follow these simple steps

– Create a file on your desktop and rename is RECRUITMENT

– With this folder create sub folders (folders within folders) and title them starting from the beginning of the recruitment process, the recruitment process normally goes something like this.

Create job description – Create job advert – Post Job – Collect CV’s – Interview – Offer

Therefore within your RECRUITMENT FILE should SUB FILES SHOULD


* Have separate file for separate roles (ie foreman, labourer. apprentice and so on and pull CV’s into relevant folders. create adverts and pull in JOB ADVERTS and so on. This means your ready for that next recruitment campaign

Hire SLOW but fire FAST

An employee who creates unrest within your business or someone who is simply upsetting the apple cart is a poison within your business. Of course before we take any action on this we should speak with said employee in a neutral setting (not at the side of the van) and discuss your concerns with him however certain people are simply unwilling to change and therefore need to go.

Before making any rash decisions try to switch places with this person and see his point of view.

– Why does he act this way

– Should I be doing more

– What can I do to help this person

If it’s clear during or after this discussion that things are not going to change it’s time to take advice from a body capable of dealing with HR Issues but in most cases if the employee has been employed with your business for less than TWO YEARS (Uk only) then he can be let go off immediately but seek counsel from ACAS or another body to confirm your rights as they change often and certain circumstances mean a different approach is needed. Assuming it’s legal to do so it’s time to get rid of this person simple as that. Companies like ACAS are for employers AND employees so use them they’re not scary.

But your diary is full, you need them!

I get it! In this case it’s imperative to go into your toolbox, in this case not the toolbox in your van but the toolbox above which should shortly hold its own position on your desktop.


Go into your recruitment system and start the process of replacing this person immediately. There are many more steps required to then hire someone and NOT make the same mistake again which we will cover on another blog but for now take your time with the next hire. This should also be systemised and GREAT CARE taken to ensure this new hire is the right fit not only for the job in hand but into your company culture.

There are so many other aspects to recruitment such as benefits, perks, culture, rewarding, appraisals, code of conduct, disciplinary, Route maps, bonuses and so on the list is endless I know but very worth it!

Most small business owners spend 10% of their time working on their recruitment system but 90% of their time fixing their recruitment errors………

Watch this video for further information on how to hire (and fire) staff constructively but effectively.–vEycQ&t=50s



Hiring the right staff requires you to hire SLOWLY