Embrace the Now: Why Tradespeople Shouldn’t Wait Until Retirement to Live Their Best Lives

Embrace the Now: Why Tradespeople Shouldn’t Wait Until Retirement to Live Their Best Lives

4 April 2024

We save for retirement yet around 24% of us brits die before we even get there and a huge percent of the other 76% are incapable of enjoying life beyond this point. Embrace the now!

In a UK where the mantra “save for retirement” echoes incessantly, many tradespeople find themselves caught in confusion about what to do. The idea of working hard now to enjoy life later is deeply ingrained in society certainly where I grew up, but what if we’re missing out on the joys of life in the pursuit of a distant future? What if we are ‘saving’ for a day that may never come?

For tradespeople, the message is particularly poignant. The nature of their work often involves long hours and physical strain, making the promise of retirement seem like the ultimate reward. However I argue that waiting until retirement to truly live is a flawed strategy. Instead, why don’t we have life experiences throughout every stage of life, including the right now!

Think about it: Why wait until retirement to travel the world, pursue hobbies, or spend quality time with loved ones? By adopting a “live for the moment” mindset, tradespeople can prioritise experiences over accumulation. This doesn’t mean throwing financial responsibility out the window; rather, it’s about finding a balance that allows for both enjoyment and security.

Living life now doesn’t mean reckless spending or abandoning long-term goals. It’s about making intentional choices that enrich our lives today, not just in some distant future. So, whether it’s investing in experiences, personal development, or simply taking time to savour the present moment, let’s embrace the now and make the most of our lives, starting today.

We are saving for a day (retirement) that may never come!!!

If we transfer this to our work or our business we are inadvertently doing exactly the same thing, we are working our **** of for hope of a better tomorrow or a better retirement yet over 90% of tradesmen and women never actually do anything about it. They keep hoping next year will be better and it rarely is and often work well into their 60-70’s and retire with half broken backs or dodgy knees (or both!)

Ok here’s the pitch! – A skilled business coach (well me!) can be the beacon of guidance in navigating this shift.

For tradespeople, the transition from being solely on the tools to managing a thriving business that runs without them can seem daunting. Yet, with the right strategies and support, it’s entirely achievable. A business coach can provide invaluable insights into streamlining operations, maximising efficiency and profits, and scaling the business to a point where you can step back from the day-to-day tasks earlier than anticipated.

By helping implement systems for delegation, automating processes, and fostering a growth mindset, a business coach empowers tradespeople to work smarter, not harder. This not only frees up time for enjoying life outside of work but also ensures a sustainable and profitable business for the long haul. With the guidance of a business coach, tradespeople can accelerate their journey towards financial independence and living life on their own terms, without having to wait until retirement to do so.

And THIS is exactly what I done (I am typing this from 32 degree Costa Del Sol) and THIS is exactly what I teach…

Seriously are you ready to jump in yet?

If not ask yourself why not because I’m sure you know you don’t want to be that 60+ something guy/girl walking into that builders merchants with the sore back and knees….

Book a call with me here and let’s see if I can help your business or take a look at our pre-recorded webinar and see how we could potentially take you there in as little as 12 weeks!!

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