Addam Smith

Addam Smith

Addam is making great strides, his profit and turnover have more than quadrupled within 2 years but it’s not that part that makes him one of my most successful clients. Addam was unsure how to grow a trade business and started looking for a Business coach.

Addam was the quintessential tradesman. He couldn’t see how he could build a business he had owned for 23 years doing it his own way and earn the money I was suggesting he should be making. He couldn’t contemplate allowing people to run his business and he certainly wasn’t going to trust anyone to complete the work for him…..Hmmmm lets see about that!

Timeline: June 2020 - June 2021


June 2020: £225,000
June 2021: £1million

Making More Profit

June 2020: £23,000 (wage)
June 2021: £170,000

Growing Infrastructure

June 2020: 3 Vans
June 2021: Office/Showroom, 6 Vans, 2 Diggers, systems, CRM's, VA, marketing Manager. project manager, installations manager and floater

Working Less

June 2020: 60-70 hours PW
June 2021: 30 hours PW

Increasing Staff

June 2020: 3
June 2021: 16

Next Steps

The next move for Addam is extracting himself from literally every operational part of the business