is growing your business important to you?

is growing your business important to you?

11 June 2024

is growing your business important to you?

Many people think growing their business is important to them but when we actually delve right in it’s clear that it’s not that important to them.

“I will do anything it takes to make this a success’ is a term I hear quite often however, this often comes with various exclusions such as….

  • I can’t work between 8-9am though because my wife does Yoga and I need to take the kids to school
  • I can’t do early morning because I go to the gym
  • I can’t work Saturdays because I play/watch football
  • I’m not a morning person

I’ve got news for you my friend – That is NOT ‘anything it takes’ 

Anyone can make excuses or ‘tell’ themselves a story about why they can’t do something, I have my own one here which I caught myself doing recently.

‘I don’t like the gym” was a story I was telling myself. The thought of getting up, packing a bag, driving to the gym, getting changed (only to realise you have forgot your headphones, water bottle or f****** something, then into the gym for a 45 minute workout and then all that reversed – Seriously f*** that! BUT I do want to grow more muscle.

I do want to be fitter so why won’t I do it? – I don’t do it because I’ve told myself that it’s shit (essentially I have made my excuse)

The truth is gaining muscle or being fitter is clearly not that important to me 

Is growing your business that important to you? 

Because IF it is not you will remain in bed at 5-6am when you know you could be down at the laptop working ON your business.

If it’s not you will continue dropping the kids off at school rather than hire a childminder or have a conversation with your wife/husband about the future and priorities…

You will miss that Saturday morning match on the odd occasion and so on…….

And this is where business coaching comes in, with a coach you are ‘paying’ for the service therefore you simply must do the work, you’re paying thousands per year for this stuff there is zero chance you ain’t doing the coaching.

If like me it’s important to you to become financially free, to create a degree of freedom in your life, to own a work/life balance you are proud off and to create a family life/relationship with your partner and kids then you will find a way to not make excuses and find solutions instead of problems/obstacles to allow you to focus on your business.

Perhaps flexing your muscles after an hour in the gym is more important?

I’ll leave you to decide



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