If I was back in construction…

If I was back in construction…

21 May 2024

Since selling the business I have been tempted several times to get back in. I fluttered with the idea of an Alarm Company, Another Driveway/Landscaping Company, A solar company and even house building at one point!

I am convinced I would make a success of any industry and I base that on everything I have learnt over the years. You cannot ‘unlearn’ how to manage systems, how to hire the right people, delegate and retain nor can you unlearn the systems that work for lead generation, project delivery and so on.

I often think about what I would do if I did ever go back into the construction industry.

There’s one thing I am certain of though is I would keep my team small. I would have no more than 3 teams of highly skilled ‘good’ people. Not one person would be walking through my doors who was vetted properly and if that meant I had to wait 12 months for the right person then so be it.

Often in my business I wanted ten teams, that was the goal, we got to eight teams at one point and in my opinion it was just too much and reality was we didn’t need 8 teams – I made more money with 3 teams than I did eight. in my opinion one team paid you a wage, 2 teams gave you a wage and some profit and some scope to outsource some work and the third team was just pure profit. One of my clients has only 2.5 teams (2 teams and 1 x one guy prep team) AND MADE 72K NETT PROFIT IN MARCH!

Ten teams was my ego speaking!

I do think there are certain industries where 10 would be do-able but mainly the single man industries like plumbing & heating, decorators etc but relying on 10 x 3 man teams – 30 people to be reliable in this day and age and to show up every day for me just isn’t viable (mainly for stress levels)

it would be 3 teams and 3 good teams.

Another thing I would do was make the working environment so good that 1. everyone wanted to join and 2. nobody wanted to leave. I would do this by paying top dollar for the best guys (who passed my strict onboarding process) AND littering the business with perks such as 4 day weeks, best uniforms, best vans, best tools, event days, competition and performance related bonuses. Effectively creating a culture that everyone wanted to be part of.

This would literally ensure I had the best of the best in my area. My staff would be happy and in turn so would my clients. I already have the best systems around and would leverage social media to get the brand out there as much as I could.

In a nutshell this is how I would attack it, myself and my clients already know how to add value, get good quality leads, qualify properly and sell properly.

Does this sound too good to be true?

Are you reading this thinking that sounds too easy?

Well I disagree…..

If the average wage is £20 an hour and you pay £25 thats merely an extra £200 per week x 3 foremen = £600 – You could easily add £200 per job – thats £40 a day for a 5 day job.

Perks – The construction industry is so far behind on this, I challenge you to open up indeed and look for barstaff jobs. they are killing it with perks. My son who is currently training as an accountant is desperate to go the the Euros to watch Scotland. I don’t believe in the bank of Mum & Dad and my children know this so Liam has been forced to go work in a bar 2-3 nights a week…..

The perks at The Village Hotel/Gym/Spa place are phenomenal…

  • Free Gym access for him AND a friend/partner and 50% anyone else
  • Free Food and drinks whilst working
  • 50% food and drinks when he’s not working
  • £29 overnight stays at any hotel in UK
  • Birthday off
  • Cycle to work scheme
  • Mental health awareness meetings
  • And more that I have forgot but to me that’s brilliant and whilst we were originally looking for this job I can assure you it’s not just the village who are offering these perks….

In my own business we done the following…..

  • 4.5 day week
  • Pizza to site on the last friday of the month
  • Birthday off with gift
  • Free Access to country club and golf
  • Weekend trips away for loyalty after 1-3 & 5 years)
  • Monthly events (go karting etc)
  • Monthly team meetings
  • Monthly competitions with prizes
  • And in my opinion we had the best vans and uniform in the area with nice bodywarmers, soft shell jackets, hoodies, polos etc………

That may all seem like a LOT of money but it actually wasn’t and if my teams performed and completed jobs on time it really was a drop in the ocean.

What could you do to ensure you nail whatever industry you are in, to ensure you attract the best people who care about your business and your clients….

You won’t go far wrong by implementing a few of the above.

If you want to chat and allow me to explain further how you could supercharge your reputation, your business and of course your life then book a call with me today.