Beer & Business

Beer & Business

15 May 2023

I’m yet to meet a man or woman who love beer as much as I do and you cannot look at that picture and not think this beer poured by my wee french waiter here on the French Riviera looks anything other than absolutely terrific!

That meet up with friends and that first taste of a nice pint of lager is a feeling and a habit I‘ve decided after much deliberation and questioning (do I need the hangover) is one I’m happy to continue and here’s why….

Socialising is a massive part of my life, I enjoy (quote the word enjoy) a beer with a good proportion of the things that I enjoy doing such as meeting friends, going to football, travelling and holidaying, with a nice meal and many more things – I’m even partial to a few beers on the golf course

And that’s ok!

when it’s absolutely not ok though is when trying to grow a business – it quite simply doesn’t go together and trying to function with all the things that can go wrong with a trade business is simply not an option and if it is an option or vice you find hard to kick (like it was for me sadly) everything is going to be twice as hard to cope with.

My friends and family will often hear me say how surprised I am that I managed to build my business year on year and take it all the way through to sale whilst hungover for 2-3 days of the week. I’ve no idea how I done it and I would absolutely not recommend it. I honestly reckon if I wasn’t drinking I would have became much more successful much much quicker….

Now before you go and empty all the beer bottles down the sink stop – You don’t have to do that, Social activities and your mindset and happiness are as vital to your business success as hiring me to mentor you 🙂 – did you see what I did there…….

No, You don’t have to stop drinking and you don’t have to turn into a monk but what you must do is stop the benders, minimise the hangovers which often don‘t kick in until the Monday/Tuesday after a heavy session at the weekend.

if you’re one of these guys who ‘don’t get a hangover’ let me tell you that you’re lying to yourself!

Me after one of my many benders in Vegas in 2017
Me after one of my many benders in Vegas in 2017

My Father in Law doesn’t get hangovers apparently neither does one of my good pals however go to his house after he’s had a skinful and watch how he’s lazy, tired, irritable and a grumpy f*****!!

Because he’s not vomiting all over the place or has a banging headache doesn’t mean he’s not hungover and being irritable, grumpy and tired does NOT go well in trade businesses…..

We are not designed to be high performing everyday but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t give ourselves the best opportunity to function and perform at our best during the week whilst limiting our intake of alcohol and only drinking at the weekends (ideally Friday)

Cocaine is another story all together and if you‘re spending your weekends on this nonsense then it’s going to be 10 x harder for you to function during the week.

Guys it quite simply doesn’t go together and if you’re strong enough to ditch it all for the next 3-4 months you watch as your business grows exponentially in the absence of this poison.

Alcohol isn’t the problem it’s our inability to control our intake resulting in days of zero or little productivity.

This is coming from someone who had a serious problem with alcohol before I finally got my shit together and realised that abundance, travel, success, financial freedom, luxury, health and more were much more important to me than staying up until 4am.

A Beer and Business is ok – Just be mindful of how much and the impact it has….